After Watching This Silence Of The Lambs Blooper Reel You'll Never See The Movie The Same Way Again

By Sean O'Connell 2013-11-11 11:38:06discussion comments
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Who knew Jonathan Demmeís The Silence of the Lambs could be so funny?

Demme knew that he should keep the above bloopers on the cutting room floor, choosing to maintain the tense, dramatic tone of Thomas Harrisí best-selling novel instead of turning it into a flat-out comedy. These bloopers were shared on YouTube. Itís primarily just actors like Scott Glenn, Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster cracking each other up as scenes peter out. Needless to say, breaking the tension on set worked out pretty well for pretty much everyone involved.

I guess itís just offsetting seeing comedy coming out of a movie thatís so very serious. Oddly enough, you donít have to look too far to find similar blooper reels from dramatic fare. For example, Lambs beat Barbra Streisand and Nick Nolteís The Prince of Tides in the Best Picture race in 1992 Ö and THAT movie has a blooper reel, as well.

JFK and Bugsy, not so much.

Coincidentally, I was thinking about Lambs this morning as we combed over the box-office performance of Thor: The Dark World. Specifically, I was contemplating Hopkinsí portrayal of Odin in the Marvel franchise. Itís such a major role, and one that might define the career of an actor who didnít already have an established legacy like Hopkins. But it speaks to his versatility and his resilience that Odin wouldnít even make a Top 5 of Hopkinsí performances if one were attempting to rank them. And the list has to be topped by Hannibal Lecter, right?

Would you put some other character on top of that list? Do you like seeing blooper reels from dramas such as this? Share your thoughts with us below, as always!
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