Odin And Loki Hold Court In New Thor: The Dark World Posters

Odin Thor: The Dark World Poster

In Marvel’s 2011 hit Thor, the titular hero’s noble father Odin survived deception and betrayal. And after sitting out The Avengers, he’s back for the soon-to-hit sequel Thor: The Dark World. With this newly unveiled character poster, Marvel demands you pay homage to this god who commands the warriors of Asgard… as well as his famous ravens. Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins reprises the role of the growling king of Asgard, who is helping his sons Thor and Loki while they face a terrible new enemy. And while it’s always great to see Hopkins onscreen, let’s move on to the real favorite of this royal family, shall we?

Thor 2 Loki Poster

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool, this is the second Loki character poster to be released (See the first here). Rather than sitting in the sun amid rubble with a sinful smirk on his face, the brooding bad boy is draped in shadows while in what appears to be a moment of escape. Note the shattered glass and downed man in armor in the background.

Oh, Loki. Audiences can’t get enough of this dubious and diabolical adopted brother of Thor. Arguably, he’s the most compelling villain Marvel movies have debuted. Not only did Tom Hiddleston’s smirking dark prince win the hearts of fangirls everywhere, he inspired Joss Whedon to bring the character - who was cast into an abyss at the end of Thor - to return with force in The Avengers. Loki upped the ante, moving on from stealing the crown of Asgard from his brawny brother to taking over Earth! And really, we loved him for it, as was made clear when Loki took the stage this summer at San Diego Comic Con, where Hiddleston had the masses eating out of the palm of his hand:

It’s funny that in the films Loki dreams of stepping out of the shadow of his golden boy (or golden god) brother to prove himself as better, and more deserving of love and adoration. While Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor—which is at times impulsive, dopey, and yet always epically hero-like—is thoroughly wonderful, Hiddleston has definitely outshined him. If you need further proof, consider the fact that Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor added reshoots to the production schedule to create more scenes for Loki. Face it, gang, it’s Loki’s world. We’re just the mewling quims lucky enough to tremble within it.

Thor: The Dark World opens in theaters on in the UK on October 30th; and the US release will follow on November 8th.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.