What Will The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Fans Get With A Regal Super Ticket?

By Mike Reyes 2 years agodiscussion comments
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What Will The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Fans Get With A Regal Super Ticket? image
Super Tickets are the fad that wonít die in Hollywood. After all, with movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier guaranteeing opening weekends of record breaking proportions, fans practically are begging for a chance to own films like The Amazing-Spider Man 2 early. At least, thatís what Regal Cinemas is counting on, as it offers the latest in a line of "premium priced, dwindling privilege" packages.

The Spider and the Flyer

Which is what the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Super Ticket is offering: a $20 ticket to a movie youíre not even sure youíre going to like, with a complimentary digital copy of both films? This is distressing because if you werenít a fan of the first one and donít end up liking the second one, your "incentive" is two digital films youíll never watch. Even as a fan, you might already have a copy of the first film, and depending on how much you like the second installment, your value will vary. For a program that started out with larger scale beginnings, the Super Ticket is starting to turn into something thatís not as super as theyíd want you to think.

The Super Ticketís origins can be traced back to Paramountís "Mega Ticket" offer for last summerís blockbuster World War Z . Though it was a $50 package, it included goodies like collectorís 3D glasses, a digital copy of the film, and early access to see the film in theaters in its bundle. Soon "Mega" tickets were scaled down to "Super" tickets that still managed to offer early access, digital copies and concession money (like Anchorman 2 ). However, itís now gotten to the point where, much like the release of Pacific Rim in Canada, youíre not even given early access anymore, just a digital copy of a film you might not even like.

Based on the pattern of films the studios have offered these packages for, it becomes possible that the reason studios are offering packages like these is so that they can possibly offset any opening weekend risk that the film might have of not turning a profit. Think about it: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has produced one of the best trailers in recent times. A trailer so good, even non-believers are starting to think of giving it a chance. If you can offer a slightly more expensive ticket that looks like itís offering a good deal, on the weekend that your audience is most likely to impulse watch your product, you just might generate enough revenue to bring your second weekend upset of a film further into the black. Because, letís face it, Spider-Man will bring in money, but it likely wonít bring in Captain America type numbers.

While the program may be confined to just the Regal Cinemas brand, this program could start becoming more common place if itís successful enough. Even worse, this could re-ignite the previous experiment of pricing tickets to first weekend/big ticket films at a higher rate than smaller, lesser known films. A whole bunch of things could spiral out of this one offer. Audiences beware, you might be getting less than you bargained for, and you might be getting it a lot more in the future.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens on May 2nd, 2014. No word yet on whether The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Super Ticket will include "the possibility of keeping Shailene Woodley in the movie" or not. In the meantime, hereís your chance to re-watch that sweet, sweet trailer and dream of an excellent Spider-Man movie.

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