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Next Chronicles Of Riddick Casting, Script Details Revealed
Word is that the script has Riddick stranded on yet another barren planet surrounded by monsters and mercenaries who want him dead. This is almost exactly the plot of Pitch Black. They’ve also turned him back into a kick-ass, bloodthirsty badass… which is good. The kinder, gentler Riddick of Chronicles never really fit.
Riddick Josh Tyler 2011-08-10
Vin Diesel Determined To Make Riddick 3 Rated-R At Any Cost
So now Diesel and Riddick director David Twohy are moving forward with a third entry in the series, and they’re doing it without all the big budgets and crazy Hollywood spending used on the second film. Twohy and Diesel took to Vin’s Facebook page today to answer questions from fans about the new movie, and they confirmed that they’re getting back to basic
Riddick Josh Tyler 2011-03-07
The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking Script Review
According to CCA, the film is budgeted around $60 million, a modest amount compared to the reported $110-$150 million the last one cost. Since the goal of the film is to get Riddick back to his "lean, mean, killing machine" origins
Riddick Will LeBlanc 2010-04-13
First Look At Riddick 3 Concept Art
How badass is Vin Diesel? So badass he’s decided to be one of the only celebrities to use Facebook instead of Twitter. In particular, he’s using it to tease his new Chronicles of Riddick sequel
Riddick Josh Tyler 2010-04-08
Riddick 3 Will Recycle The Best Part Of Riddick 2
The first one introduced us to the character as a captured criminal with freaky eyesight who reluctantly helps a group of humans survive after their spaceship crashes on a hostile world
Riddick Josh Tyler 2010-02-16
Riddick Returning To His Roots With A New Sequel
Vin Diesel has been promising it for years, but a third installment in his Riddick franchise has always seemed incredibly unlikely since, well, no one saw the last one. But after years of promising, Vin has actually delivered
Riddick Josh Tyler 2010-02-12
Twohy Refuses PG-13 For Riddick 3
Director David Twohy is still talking more Chronicles of Riddick sequels. Both he and Riddick star Vin Diesel have adamantly declared to the press in the past that more movies are coming, yet nothing ever seems to have come of it. They’re at it again
Riddick Josh Tyler 2009-08-02
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