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Disney Is Locked In A Legal War With A Former High Level Employee
Hollywood is a high pressure environment. Under the right circumstance, it’s able to offer money and fame. Under the wrong circumstances, it’s able to spit proud men and women back out. Kevin Brady, an ex-Story Department Director at Disney, was one of men recently spit on
disney Mack Rawden 2014-06-12
The Mighty Ducks Might Get Another Movie
Get the skate sharpener out. I have some good news. The Mighty Ducks franchise, dormant since 1996, may not have gotten permanently suspended by Disney. The film’s producer has reportedly had some conversations with the Mouse House over the years, and while another installment isn’t a guarantee, the puck is still very much in play!
disney Mack Rawden 2014-06-12
Disney's Making A Live-Action Beauty And The Beast Movie
This is all part of the studio’s growing plan to farm out live-action takes on their classic stories. Beyond this new Beauty and the Beast project, Disney already has Jon Favreau hard at work on a live-action version of The Jungle Book. And we recently saw the first tease for Kenneth Branagh’s live-action Cinderella.
disney Sean O'Connell 2014-06-05
Big Hero 6 Trailer Introduces A Boy And His Robot Preparing To Save The Day
Big Hero 6 is Disney's first animated adaptation of a Marvel comic, and we have the first look at two of the film's main characters – thanks to a new trailer and poster. While the teaser lands more on the Disney side of the fence, there's a good hint at Marvel here.
disney Mike Reyes 2014-05-22
Sleeping Beauty Will Hit Blu-ray And Digital This Fall
You may already own a DVD copy of the classic canon flick, but on October 7, Sleeping Beauty will be hitting Blu-ray, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere for the very first time.
disney Jessica Rawden 2014-05-12
Should Disney Pay Bonuses To The Laid Off Animators Of Frozen?
Walt Disney Animation Studios recently gave out bonuses to their Animation division, as a congratulations for a job well done. The job in question could be the animated film Frozen, which went from being just another Disney movie to being the biggest animated film of all time. If that's the case, there's a lot of laid off animators who would like to collect on what they believe they are owed.
disney Mike Reyes 2014-04-27
Marvel, Frozen Help Disney Pass The $1 Billion Mark Internationally In 2014 Already
Disney is having a very good year. That's probably stating the obvious, when we consider the Frozen overflow into 2014 and the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but the actual numbers for both films have contributed greatly to a massive international box office haul for the studio...
disney Kelly West 2014-04-21
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Director Bill Condon Eyed For Beauty And The Beast
Condon is best-known as the architect for the final two fairly insane Twilight movies. Condon's a Hollywood lifer at this point, having helmed musicals like Dreamgirls, biopics like Gods And Monsters and unassailable classics like Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh.
disney Gabe Toro 2014-04-11
Frozen 2: Will Disney Make The Sequel?
Frozen 2 seems inevitable. It’s just not official. We reached out to Disney, who had no official comment on the state of Frozen 2. But the writing’s clearly on the wall.
disney Sean O'Connell 2014-04-08
Star Wars: Episode VII, Marvel Sequels Confirmed For IMAX Release
With a December 2015 release date, it’s full power on Lucasfilms’ first Disney-distributed effort. You’ll get to see the relatives and descendants of Luke, Han, Leia and (hopefully) Chewbacca in the IMAX format next holiday season, a real treat for those who appreciate JJ Abrams’ widescreen vistas.
disney Gabe Toro 2014-03-20
Disney Launches Digital Streaming Service With Exclusive Thor And Frozen Content
The title essentially says it all. Disney Movie Anywhere is a new, cloud-based digital movie service launched by The Walt Disney Studios that will allow subscribers to access Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies on the go using their favorite iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
disney Sean O'Connell 2014-02-25
Jessica Chastain Gets Brave For Annie Leibovitz's Latest Disney Dream Portrait
Beyond the obvious similarities with the red hair, which looks so amazingly fluffy and comfortable atop Chastain’s head, the similarities of course extend to that time just before the actress broke out in 2011 when she had a run-in with that witch and she thought she was going to turn into a bear. It was on all the gossip sites... I think.
disney Nick Venable 2014-02-11
Frozen Will Thaw Hearts On Blu-ray In March
You’ll want to grab a blanket and a cup of cocoa before you jump into Disney’s latest release. The Mouse House announced its latest title on Friday, giving fans pretty advanced notice about the release of Frozen. The animated musical will hit Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand on March 18.
disney Jessica Rawden 2014-01-10
Disney's Frozen Crosses The $500 Million Mark, Joining Iron Man 3
Upon its opening, Frozen set a record for the largest Thanksgiving debut ever, pulling in an incredible $93.6 million for the five-day holiday weekend. This also made it the biggest opening a movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios had ever had.
disney Kristy Puchko 2013-12-31
5 Golden Globe Shocks That Could Affect The Oscar Race
Today’s GG nominees cleared up a few lingering Oscar issues … and raised a few more outstanding questions. Here are, I think, 5 shocking developments that occurred this morning, and some analysis on how I think they will affect the ongoing Oscar season.
disney Sean O'Connell 2013-12-12
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