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Rachel McAdams Doesn't Remember Channing Tatum In First Trailer For The Vow
The Vow is not based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. Yes, I understand that it has Rachel McAdams, who starred in The Notebook, and Channing Tatum, who starred in Dear John. Yes, I understand that the movie involves a relationship with some kind of overly-dramatic problem that threatens to tear them apart. I say this now because after you watch the first trailer you won't believe me.
rachel mcadams Eric Eisenberg 2011-06-03
Terrence Malick Possibly Shooting Yet Another Film Later This Year
Malickís busy finishing yet another drama starring Ben Affleck, Javier Bardem and Rachel McAdams which, at one point, was called Burial but currently has no name. Like all of Malickís films, the details of this film are being kept secret Ö including its release date. So why are we getting excited?
rachel mcadams Sean O'Connell 2011-05-30
Kristen Wiig Not Katherine Heigl: 5 Women Who Can Carry A Comedy
When funny fem movies do get made, they all too often star Katherine Heigl or Kate Hudson. When Hollywood's ready for legitimately funny ladies, who should they turn to? Kristen Wiig proves she's up to the task in Bridesmaids. Here's five more women who could carry a comedy on their own. Steve Carell, stay home.
rachel mcadams Josh Tyler 2011-05-12
Doug Liman To Return To Action With Sci-Fi Project At Paramount
I've always found Doug Liman to be a strange filmmaker. After kicking off his feature career with the fantastic comedies Swingers and Go, he decided to try his hand at a career as an action director. But while his first go at it was the great Bourne Identity, he followed it up with the impressively lame Jumper and the exceedingly mediocre Mr. And Mrs. Smith.
rachel mcadams Eric Eisenberg 2011-03-23
First Look At Terrence Malick's Untitled Romance
After years of waiting, Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life is finally set to be released on May 27, but don't think that the director has just been sitting around and twiddling his thumbs while he's been waiting. Instead, he's been hard at work on a new film - a still untitled romance with Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem, Olga Kurylenko and a host of others.
rachel mcadams Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-23
Sherlock Holmes 2 Set Video Reveals A Cameo
hile I assume you wouldn't have clicked on this article if you really didn't want to know about the cameo in Sherlock Holmes 2, this is me covering my own ass. If you don't want
rachel mcadams Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-04
Rachel McAdams And Jessica Biel Are Top Lois Lane Contenders
McAdams showed both comic timing and sex appeal as the love interest in Sherlock Holmes, and could easily carry the zingy rapport that Lois Lane has with Clark Kent in addition to melting when
rachel mcadams Katey Rich 2011-02-01
Tons Of Details From Terrence Malick's Next
Itís not often that you see this exhaustive a description unless someone actually gets their hands on a script. Here, they merely found themselves some call sheets and put the pieces together
rachel mcadams Will LeBlanc 2010-12-01
Interview: Rachel McAdams Embraces Physical Comedy For Morning Glory
Read below as we talk about the gorgeous but slightly impractical dress she wears in the film's last scene, her comedic influences, the first job she had that stressed her out, and why
rachel mcadams Katey Rich 2010-11-10
Rachel McAdams May Show Up In Sherlock Holmes 2 After All
When the cast for Sherlock Holmes 2 was announced with McAdamsí name absent and Noomi Rapace as a new female character instead, that seemed about right. Except, well, now McAdams thinks she may be back
rachel mcadams Josh Tyler 2010-11-09
Go Behind The Scenes In This Morning Glory Featurette
Chalk it up to my love of Han Solo and Annie Hall, but I love to see Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton succeed. The two of them are such classic, terrific actors that have been scarred in recent years by titles like
rachel mcadams Eric Eisenberg 2010-11-02
Cameron Crowe Wants Scarlett Johansson For His Zoo
The role would be opposite Matt Damon in the story of a grieving father who buys a zoo along with his children. I'm not totally sure where the female lead fits in, since my understanding is that the wife is dead
rachel mcadams Katey Rich 2010-11-01
Matt Dillon, Jack Black And Renee Zellweger Now Up For Matt Weiner's First Film
They're saying filming could start early next year, but given how possessive Weiner can be over even the smallest Mad Men developments
rachel mcadams Katey Rich 2010-10-25
Three New Character Posters For Morning Glory
Both Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton are in desperate need for a win. Previously Han Solo and Indiana Jones, Ford has been stuck in middling dramas like Crossing Over and Extraordinary Measures
rachel mcadams Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-12
Meryl Streep, Rachel McAdams, Chris Pine For Star Trek Writer's Directorial Debut?
You know Alex Kurtzman as one of the most sought after writers in Hollywood. He co-wrote Mission: Impossible III, Transformers, and
rachel mcadams Josh Tyler 2010-09-29
Scott Speedman Is The Other Man For Rachel McAdams In The Vow
Michael Sucsy, who made a splash by directing the HBO movie Grey Gardens, is directing and rewriting the script, which sounds like a pretty straightforward weepie that still might be watchable
rachel mcadams Katey Rich 2010-08-18
Rachel Weisz And Ben Affleck On Board For Terrence Malick's Next
Filming is apparently set to begin in Oklahoma in October, so maybe we can assume Malick will have Tree of Life finished by then? Maybe? Diehard Malick fans are doubtlessly used to this
rachel mcadams Katey Rich 2010-08-12
First Images Of Marion Cotillard In Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris
Woody Allen's You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is set to arrive in theaters come September, but as of today all we have seen from the film is an international trailer, a poster, and a clip. Yet somehow
rachel mcadams Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-19
Rachel McAdams And Owen Wilson Go To Paris For Woody Allen
Woody Allenís movies are often a vague and mostly unknown proposition until they show up in theaters fully formed. For a change though, heís cluing us in on exactly what heís up to well in advance
rachel mcadams 2010-05-26
Morning Glory Trailer: Is This Harrison Ford's Anchorman?
The first trailer for Morning Glory seems kind of great, like a modern day riff on Anchorman, until the last twenty seconds or so when Harrison Ford says something incredibly sappy
rachel mcadams Josh Tyler 2010-05-25
Adrien Brody Joining Woody Allen This Summer In Paris
Woody Allen is busy premiering his newest movie, You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, over at Cannes, but all the pieces for his next project are already falling in place on their own
rachel mcadams Katey Rich 2010-05-17
Woody Allen Names His Next Film And Even Tells Us The Plot
Apparently an old dog, so to speak, really can learn new tricks. Not only has Allen announced the title of the film he's shooting in France this summer, Midnight in Paris, but he's actually revealed the plot. Amazing!
rachel mcadams Katey Rich 2010-04-23
France's First Lady Is In Woody Allen's Film, For Real Now
The rumors are true. Woody Allen will borrow the President of Franceís leading lady for his next film. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy will join Marion Cotillard, Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams on the set in Paris this summer
rachel mcadams Perri Nemiroff 2010-04-20
Rachel McAdams Joining Woody Allen In Europe
A lot of people considered Allen's New York homecoming Whatever Works to be a disappointment (I kinda liked it myself), but with London-based You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger
rachel mcadams Katey Rich 2010-03-04
Terrence Malick Assembles Cast For His Next Film
The movie described as a romantic drama will star Christian Bale, Javier Bardem, Rachel McAdams and Olga Kurylenko, best known as the Bond girl in the latest one that nobody really liked. Of course, most actors
rachel mcadams Katey Rich 2010-02-03
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