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This Epic 1984 Special Effects Video Shows Us Spielberg And Lucasí Greatest Tricks
Go deep inside Industrial Light and Magic to see how they created the visual magic in films like Return of the Jedi and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom via this 1984 episode of Nova
steven spielberg Mike Bracken 2014-09-17
Steven Spielberg Teaming With Neil Gaiman For A Hansel And Gretel Movie
In 2013, Gary Sanchez Productions brought us Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, an R-rated take on the classic fairy tale about lost children drawn to a cabin made of candy. Though critically scorned (for the most part), we're awaiting a sequel from this Jeremy Renner/Gemma Arterton vehicle. But Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2 could face stiff competition thanks to Steven Spielberg.
steven spielberg Kristy Puchko 2014-09-04
Steven Spielberg's Cold War Thriller And The BFG Take Big Steps Forward
Steven Spielberg spent a couple of years in the wilderness after Lincoln, though it seems as if he's back on the road to productivity. He's launching into an untitled Cold War thriller with Tom Hanks next, followed by an adaptation of Roald Dahl's The BFG. Most people thought one of these projects would just fade away, but it looks like the old Steven Spielberg is back, ready to bang these out as quick as possible according to recently announced release dates.
steven spielberg Gabe Toro 2014-06-16
Which Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Scene Was Too Gory For The Censors?
Karanj said that he never received a script for Temple of Doom, and didnít know what his scene would entail until he arrived on the set and told that they were going to create a full-body mold that they would later lower into the molten lava.
steven spielberg Sean O'Connell 2014-05-27
Look At These Amazing Aliens From Steven Spielberg's Abandoned Close Encounters Sequel
E.T. The Extraterrestrial is a classic film that brings memories of joy and heartwarming triumph to mind whenever it's mentioned. But what if instead of wanting to phone home, ET wanted to violently invade our homes? And what if he had ten other friends along for the ride with him, ready to go medieval on us while we slept?
steven spielberg Mike Reyes 2014-05-27
The Coen Brothers To Rewrite Steven Spielberg's Untitled Cold War Drama
Those of you who've dreamed of a day where Steven Spielberg and The Coen Brothers would get to work on a project together, rejoice! Spielberg's untitled Cold War drama with Tom Hanks has now hired the famous brotherly writing team to provide some polish work on the film's already existing script.
steven spielberg Mike Reyes 2014-05-21
Steven Spielberg Almost Directed Cape Fear With Robert De Niro
Steven Spielberg's career has been filled with hits and misses that showcased his strengths and weaknesses as a director. But what if one of his career defining his, Schindler's List, was directed by Martin Scorsese Ė as he originally had intended?
steven spielberg Mike Reyes 2014-05-14
Tom Hanks Boards Cold War Thriller, Which Steven Spielberg Might Direct
Hanks and Spielberg have done three films together. Hearing that they might get together as an actor-director combo likely has the Academy salivatingÖ even though Oscar has been unkind to both men in recent past.
steven spielberg Sean O'Connell 2014-04-21
The Goonies 2 Story Was Steven Spielberg's Idea
Following word from Richard Donner that a sequel to the beloved 1985 film The Goonies was in the works, comes a notable update about the project. Steven Spielberg, who executive produced and was credited for the story of the original film is apparently the mastermind behind the idea for the sequel.
steven spielberg Kelly West 2014-04-21
Steven Spielberg Reteams With Tony Kushner For The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara
For his latest dive into docudrama, Spielberg is reuniting with Tony Kushner, who penned Spielberg's Oscar-winning Lincoln as well as his critically praised Munich.
steven spielberg Kristy Puchko 2014-04-18
How George Lucas Lost Millions To Steven Spielberg On A Dumb Star Wars Bet
We might think of Star Wars as the most established brand in the history of the motion picture industry, at least this side of Charlie Chaplinís Little Tramp, but all that success wasnít always such a foregone conclusion. On the set of A New Hope, George Lucas was a worried thirty-something convinced he had a massive flop on his hands.
steven spielberg Mack Rawden 2014-03-27
Steven Spielberg Is Thinking About Remaking West Side Story For Fox
We all know the Hollywood Well of Original Ideas is only as full as the talent the industry employs, which is one of the reasons why the much less profit-centered independent side of cinema will always generate more creativity. But this knowledge doesnít make the constant string of remakes any easier, and itís reaching a fever pitch now that Fox is wiping the dust off of West Side Story.
steven spielberg Nick Venable 2014-03-05
Is Steven Spielberg Directing Montezuma Next?
Spielberg is currently sizing up Montezuma as his next potential project. This would be a re-teaming with Schindler's List scribe Steve Zallian, who would be re-writing a screenplay written almost 50 years ago by Dalton Trumbo.
steven spielberg Gabe Toro 2014-01-06
Steven Spielberg Snags Remake Rights To Cannes Jury Prize Winner Like Father Like Son
The film centers on a workaholic father whose life is rattled when he discovers his six-year-old son was switched at birth with another boy. From there, he and his wife as well as the parents who have been raising his biological son must decide whatís best for the boys. Should they swap? Or go on raising kids that on some level arenít their own?
steven spielberg Kristy Puchko 2013-09-30
UPDATED: Clint Eastwood Up To Replace Steven Spielberg On American Sniper
The film will tell the true story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who holds the U.S. military record for most sniper kills. Over the course of his decade-long career serving multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Kyle took out more than 150 targets, shattering the previous American record of 109.
steven spielberg Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-20
Steven Spielberg Is No Longer Directing American Sniper
For the second time since the release of Lincoln, Steven Spielberg has opted out of directing a project. The Academy Award-winning filmmaker has decided that he no longer wants to direct American Sniper, the adaptation of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's autobiography that is set to star Bradley Cooper. According to the report, Spielberg's vision for the film wasn't doable with the budget that was being offered.
steven spielberg Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-05
Steven Spielberg To Produce Remake Of The Grapes Of Wrath
As far as adaptations of classic literature goes, John Ford's adaptation of John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath is unquestionably one of the greatest. The film not only won two Academy Awards when it was first released, winning both Best Director and Best Supporting Actress, but has gone down in history as one of the best films ever made, ranking number 21 of AFI's notable 100 Years... 100 Movies list.
steven spielberg Eric Eisenberg 2013-07-02
Steven Spielberg And George Lucas Predict Movie Industry Implosion
Maybe it's fitting that so many movies right now focus on the end of the world, because according to Steven Spielberg and George Lucas the end of moviegoing as we know it is near! The pair shared the stage at University of Southern California, and there unfolded their thoughts on where the movie industry is heading. According to these legendary moviemakers, it's due for a major shakeup.
steven spielberg Kristy Puchko 2013-06-13
Steven Spielberg Will Direct Bradley Cooper In Iraq War-Set American Sniper
Having tackled World War II many times, World War I in War Horse and the Civil War in Lincoln, Spielberg will for the first time be telling a story about modern warfare, following Kyle's life as a sniper in the Iraq War. He was dubbed the "Devil of Ramadi" by Iraqis and, according to the title of his book, was the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history
steven spielberg Katey Rich 2013-05-03
Watch Obama Play Daniel Day-Lewis In Spielberg's Obama Biopic
Itís refreshing to see the President Ė like so many leaders before him Ė lean on self-depricating humor to poke fun at his accent, his physical appearance and his ďmotivationsĒ while playing Day-Lewis playing Obama. At least, we know for sure that this isnít Day-Lewis, right? Because the dude is just that good.
steven spielberg Sean O'Connell 2013-04-29
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