Seann William Scott's 5 Favorite Movies Probably Aren't Ones You Would Guess
He loves movies, so picking his top five choices is as difficult as picking your favorite food — depending on his mood, the order and selection changes. Recently, he revealed his favorite films with this stipulation, but even then, they seemed a bit out-of-the-ordinary for the Stifmeister.
to Nick Romano 2015-04-24
Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Get Raunchy And Hilarious In Sisters Footage At CinemaCon
It was only a few months ago that Universal unleashed our first look at the new Tina Fey-Amy Poehler comedy Sisters, but that was merely a 20 second sneak peek. Tonight at CinemaCon the studio delivered a full blown sizzle reel for the Jason Moore-directed feature, and the movie honestly looks absolutely hilarious.
to Eric Eisenberg 2015-04-23
The Equalizer 2 Is Probably Happening
The Equalizer wasn't exactly a runaway box office success, but it made enough money that Sony has now given the go ahead for a sequel, and it's looking like Denzel Washington is coming back for more vigilante justice.
to Brent McKnight 2015-04-23
Paul Walker's Famous Fast And Furious Car Is Going Up For Auction
Paul Walker may be gone, but he won't soon be forgotten. Now fans have the opportunity to own a piece of his cinematic legacy as one of his most memorable cars from The Fast and the Furious is going up for auction.
to Brent McKnight 2015-04-23
Here's Everything Wrong With Batman Forever In One Handy Video
1995's Batman Forever was the beginning of a sharp downhill slide that saw the Batman franchise go out as a kitschy pastel calamity. Thanks to this new video, you now have 167 reasons why this movie fails.
to Joseph Baxter 2015-04-23
The Visit Trailer: This Might Be M. Night Shyamalan's Weirdest Movie Yet
A new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's new thriller The Visit just dropped, and it looks like this could be his strangest movie yet.
to Brent McKnight 2015-04-23
Jurassic World Unleashes A Ton Of Dinosaur Mayhem In New Footage From CinemaCon
It was just this past Sunday that Universal Pictures released the brand new trailer for Jurassic World, revealing some previously unseen footage, and putting on a show of some serious dinosaur action. Well, it turns out that wasn’t the only big preview that the studio had planned for the upcoming blockbuster this week, as a brand new sizzle reel just debuted at CinemaCon.
to Eric Eisenberg 2015-04-23
Joss Whedon Feels A Connection To One Of The Avengers' Best Lines
Every fan of The Avengers remembers that memorable line Bruce Banner delivered during the Battle of New York: “I’m always angry.” Now Joss Whedon has revealed its origin.
to Adam Holmes 2015-04-23
Vin Diesel Confirms Fast And Furious 8, Get The Details
Since Furious 7 roared past the $1 billion at the box office, Fast and Furious 8 seemed like an inevitability, and now we know when to expect it to hit theaters.
to Brent McKnight 2015-04-23
Netflix Defends Adam Sandler After Native Americans Walk Off His New Movie
According to reports, roughly a dozen actors left the set. One man, Anthony, claims he initially turned the movie down but eventually agreed to act when he was told the movie had hired a cultural consultant. He said everything was going well, but on Monday, things started getting “weird on set.”
to Sean O'Connell 2015-04-23
10 Fascinating Avengers: Age Of Ultron Takes From Top Critics
Avengers: Age Of Ultron hasn’t actually hit theaters anywhere in the world yet, but the first smattering of reviews from the industry’s top critics began hitting the Internet over the past few days.  On the whole, the reviews are very positive for what could be Joss Whedon’s final film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
to Mack Rawden 2015-04-23
The Black Mass Trailer Sets Up What Could Be Johnny Depp's Best Movie In Years
If you thought Johnny Depp's depiction of notorious South Boston gangster Whitey Bulger looked intimidating before, you have to check him out in this new Black Mass trailer.
to Brent McKnight 2015-04-23
Matt Damon's Struggle To Stay Alive In The Martian's CinemaCon Footage Is Riveting
As many great films as Ridley Scott has made in a wide variety of genres, he will arguably be forever known for his contributions to science-fiction. Later this year, the filmmaker will once again try an leave an indelible mark on the genre with the release of The Martian - and earlier today we got a look at the movie’s very first footage.
to Eric Eisenberg 2015-04-23
Harrison Ford's 10 Best Characters, Ranked In Order
Between Age of Adaline and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, Harrison Ford is having a pretty solid week, so what better time to countdown some of our favorite characters he's played over the years.
to Brent McKnight 2015-04-23
Why The Gremlins Reboot Is Happening
There have been rumblings about a Gremlins reboot for years, but Chris Columbus, writer of the original, recently revealed that it is in fact happening, and gave the reasons why.
to Joseph Baxter 2015-04-23
Oscar Isaac Compares X-Men Villain Apocalypse To A Cult Leader, Explains His Powers
Oscar Isaac already has a good handle on what makes Apocalypse unique in X-Men: Apocalypse, such as his charisma and powers.
to Adam Holmes 2015-04-23
Johnny Depp Looks Terrifying As Whitey Bulger In Black Mass
Over the years, we’ve seen Johnny Depp in an eclectic variety of roles across the spectrum. However, the first image has hit showing the actor in his upcoming biographically based crime drama, Black Mass, as he embraces a frighteningly cold and calculating persona as the malevolent murderous mobster, Whitey Bulger.
to Joseph Baxter 2015-04-23
Star Wars: Rogue One May Have Found Its Male Leads
We know that Edwards is directing the heist story about a team retrieving Death Star plans. At the moment, Felicity Jones has been cast, and the project – from what we hear – might have circled her co-stars.
to Sean O'Connell 2015-04-23
Watch Tiny Thor Interview Robert Downey, Jr. In The Cutest Avengers 2 Clip Ever
Watch Iron Man actor, Robert Downey, Jr. and Tiny Thor face off in the cutest interview before Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters.
to Ayanna Julien 2015-04-23
Fifty Shades Of Grey 2 To Be Written By E.L. James' Husband, Not As Weird As It Sounds
After Fifty Shades of Grey left red marks on the back of pop-culture after a ubiquitous spanking, the film’s sequel found itself in a standstill due to conceptual chaos between original book author, E.L. James and the film’s creative forces. Now, it seems that could be settled, since the sequel’s screenwriter will be none other than James’ husband!
to Joseph Baxter 2015-04-23
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