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Watch The Veronica Mars Movie Footage Revealed At Comic-Con
Given that a lot of us helped pay for the upcoming Veronica Mars movie, it only makes sense that we get a look at what's in store even while the movie is shooting. And while the attendees at the movie's Comic-Con panel yesterday actually got face time with the cast, the five-minute preview for the film that showed in Hall H is now available for the rest of us to see above.
veronica mars Katey Rich 2013-07-20
Veronica Mars Movie Comic-Con Panel Live Blog
Veronica Mars is getting a movie! That's not news, I know. But it's still exciting, and today in Hall H at Comic-Con, the cast and director (series creator) Rob Thomas will convene to answer questions and show us some exclusive footage. We also expect to hear details about the production, which is already underway, following the successful Kickstarter campaign that gave the cancelled series new life.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-07-19
Leighton Meester Out Of Veronica Mars Movie, But See Ken Marino's Return
Veronica Mars creator has been doing an impressive job re-wrangling the show's far-flung cast six years after its cancellation for its long hoped for movie. Unfortunately, Leighton Meester, who played classmate Carrie Bishop in a pair of episodes, won't be back for the Veronica Mars movie, though her character will be.
veronica mars Kristy Puchko 2013-07-15
James Franco Rumored To Have A Cameo In Veronica Mars
Franco and a small list of other celebrities will feature into the film as victims of hidden camera scams. In the movie, celebrity houses are being broken into and cameras are set up to record private moments - with the tapes then being sold online.
veronica mars Nick Venable 2013-07-08
Kristen Bell And Rob Thomas Chat In First Image From The Set Of Veronica Mars
All of the skeptics were wrong: the Veronica Mars movie is actually happening. Following the series' cancellation after its third season, creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell kept hope alive by staying positive about the idea of a film based on the private eye show, but for years Warner Bros. had absolutely no interest in it. But then the Kickstarter happened. Thomas took to the crowdfunding website and asked fans to contribute to the making of a dream.
veronica mars Eric Eisenberg 2013-06-26
Ken Marino And Martin Starr Confirmed For Veronica Mars Movie
As you may have surmised by the latest video, though it's a lot more subtle than Marino's Party Down co-star Ryan Hansen's announcement video, Ken Marino is on board for the Veronica Mars movie! This is cause to celebrate for those of us who had Vinnie Van Lowe high on our list of characters we wanted to see reprised in the Kickstarted Veronica Mars movie.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-06-26
Watch Ryan Hansen Celebrate His Return For Veronica Mars Movie
Well, Ryan Hansen sure does know how to make an announcement. Since he appeared in the original video for the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign, we sort of figured there was a good chance Hansen would be on board to appear in the film, reprising his role as the lovably douchey Dick Casablancas, however his casting had not yet officially been announced.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-06-14
Krysten Ritter Confirmed For Veronica Mars Movie
Before she was the titular "B" in Apartment 23 and Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend Jane in Breaking Bad, Krysten Ritter played the recurring role of Gia Goodman in the second season of Veronica Mars. A little bit flaky and a lot adorable, Ritter's Gia brought style and some much needed perkiness to Season 2, in addition to being an in for Veronica to snoop around Steve Guttenberg's Woody Goodman when the need arose.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-06-14
Veronica Mars Movie Adds Three More
Three more actors have officially signed on for the Veronica Mars movie. And those who've seen the original series should be familiar enough with their characters. The first is Brandon Hillock, who played Deputy Sacks. Next up is Kevin Sheridan, who played Sean Friedrich, and the last is Jonathan Chesner, who was known affectionately by his fellow Neptune High students as Corny.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-06-14
Tina Majorino Signs On For Veronica Mars Movie
Majorino's character Mac was Veronica's closest female friend in the original series. She's offers the perfect blend of dry wit and tech-savviness to be of service to Veronica on both a professional and personal level. As has been the case with pretty much all the casting news that's come down the pipeline for this film so far, there's no word on what Mac will be up to when the film picks up, but it's comforting to know she'll be making an appearance in the film.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-06-12
Sam Huntington And Amanda Noret Join Veronica Mars Movie
These days, Sam Huntington can be found on the Syfy channel, battling his growly inner urges as a werewolf on the U.S. remake of Being Human, but once upon a time, about five minutes (give or take a year or two) before he played Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns, he appeared in Veronica Mars. He reunited with Kristen Bell years later for Fanboys and it looks like he'll be reuniting with her again on the big screen...
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-06-12
Veronica Mars Movie Adds Percy Daggs III, Chris Lowell And One More
The last couple of days have brought a flurry of news on the Veronica Mars movie-front, some random and some less random but no less fantastic. As the video above indicates, Percy Daggs III has signed on to reprise his role as Wallace Fennel, Veronica's best friend and occasional accomplice from Neptune High. Their friendship carried over into college in Season 3.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-06-10
Enrico Colantoni Confirmed For Veronica Mars Movie
Who's your daddy! It's impossible to envision Veronica Mars without Enrico Colantoni and his character Keith Mars. Unlike some teen dramas, which feature parents as little more than background props or devices used to set some general boundaries for the teen characters' lives, Keith Mars was a major influence in Veronica's life and their relationship was a piece of the heart of the story.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-05-10
Veronica Mars Breaks Kickstarter Record For Most Backers
Said Thomas after the record was broken, "We did it! We did it! This is amazing! You all are amazing! My phone is vibrating non-stop. This is so much fun!" The showrunner then joked to fans that he may stop the Kickstarter when it reaches 90909 backers (a reference to the fictional zip code that the rich kid characters of the show reside in).
veronica mars Eric Eisenberg 2013-04-12
Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Updates Include More Comic Con Details
Among the recent updates to the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter page is the announcement that the project managed to cross the $5 million mark. With just one day left to go in the Kickstarter campaign, the film is very close to breaking the record for most supporters on a single Kickstarter project. Those fans who want to be a part of that, and have their name on the movie's official website as well need only to pledge $1.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-04-11
Veronica Mars Is Set For Comic Con
With just three days left in its campaign, the Veronica Mars movie has more-than doubled its pledge goal and is less than 11,500 backers shy of breaking the all-time record for most supporters on a single Kickstarter project. There's a $1 pledge option, Marshmallows!
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-04-09
See The Two Veronica Mars Limited Edition T-Shirt Designs For Kickstarter Backers
Those Veronica Mars fans who pledged $25 or more to the film's Kickstarter campaign will be treated to a limited edition t-shirt. As much as we're all anticipating the actual film, there's nothing quite like a great t-shirt. Backers will get their pick of two great t-shirts, in appreciation of their financial support of the movie, and today Rob Thomas has given us a look at the designs.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-04-05
Veronica Mars Movie Update, And Another Kickstarter Record To Break
In his update for the backers he explained why the $4.5 million-- more than twice the original $2 million goal-- is still not exactly a ton for a movie, and how every little extra will help them make something that's closer to the dream Veronica Mars movie fans have been anticipating. Here's how he laid it out
veronica mars Katey Rich 2013-04-05
Jason Dohring Officially Confirmed For Veronica Mars Movie
Attention LoVe fans. (LoVers?) Jason Dohring is officially on board for the Veronica Mars movie. It seems likely that fans were expecting that, but this information was only just confirmed today, ensuring the high possibility that there will be broody stares and lots of tension if and when Logan and Veronica cross one another's paths, which is bound to happen at some point in this movie.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-04-02
Watch Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas And Kristen Bell's Reactions To The Kickstarter Success
Rob Thomas is already making good on his promise to keep the momentum going as the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign continues well past its $2 million goal. The above video gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what March 13 was like for series creator Rob Thomas and some of the cast of the show as Thomas nervously launched the Kickstarter page and then celebrated the first pledge, and many more to follow.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-03-26
Veronica Mars Movie Will Probably Be PG-13, More Plot Spoilers Emerge
When Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas set up a Kickstarter page in the hopes of funding a follow-up film for the UPN/CW series last week, he set the goal for two million dollars, in the hopes of hitting that number or surpassing it within the 30-day time frame. With the film set to move forward, we're left to speculate over the plot. While the film will center on a mystery, what's become clear already is that the movie itself won't be shrouded in secrecy.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-03-20
Veronica Mars Kickstarter Will Fund A Making-Of Documentary And More
"We were built by fans so we’ll try to do our best to keep the momentum going through that," Thomas says. "We’re hoping to go to Comic-Con, maybe have some footage to show at Comic-Con. We have a documentary following the making of the movie." Hopefully with lots of Kristen Bell and Percy Daggs III blowing people minds by still being adorable together over 30.
veronica mars Nick Venable 2013-03-19
Veronica Mars Movie Plot Details Reveal A New Murder Mystery
The fans are still coming through with their financial contributions, which will go toward production costs. With the Kickstarter already passing the targeted $2 million, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution should be taking care of the marketing, promotion and distribution of the planned film, which will hopefully arrive early next year.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-03-16
Joss Whedon Discusses Veronica Mars' Kickstarter Campaign As It Relates To A Firefly Follow-Up
Following the speedy success of the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign, fans of other series are naturally hopeful that this potentially groundbreaking movement to get a film made could open up opportunities for other projects. Perhaps a Freaks and Geeks movie, or maybe that Friday Night Lights film people still want would have better chances with a similar campaign.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-03-15
Veronica Mars Movie Gets Its Kickstarter Funding: What Should Happen?
It didn't take thirty days for Veronica Mars fans to pledge $2 million. It took less than a day. Earlier today, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and series star Kristen Bell enlisted the help of fans to raise $2 million to put toward the budget of a movie that would follow up on the characters featured in the UPN/CW series, setting the campaign for 30 days, in the hopes that this would be enough time to generate the fan interest and support.
veronica mars Kelly West 2013-03-13
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