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Nicole Kidman, Christoph Waltz And Ang Lee Join Steven Spielberg's Cannes Jury
This year's Cannes Film Festival is already a bit more Hollywood than usual, with King of the Blockbusters Steven Spielberg on board to head up the jury for the prestigious festival. Now a handful of new names have made for an even glitzier lineup of people who will pick the art house favorites for the coming year
steven spielberg Katey Rich 2013-04-24
Spielberg Double Feature: Catch Me If You Can, Minority Report, And Defying Genre
It’s a special twist on the Hollywood philosophy of “one for me and one for you” – where an artist gives up a bit of their integrity in one deal to make a big money-making picture in order to get a passion project made – as Spielberg is one of the few directors who has always maintained his artistic credibility even while going through the studio system, and earned respect on both sides
steven spielberg Eric Eisenberg 2013-04-05
Spielberg Double Feature: Munich, War Of The Worlds, And The Darkness Of 2005
Spielberg's war movies have been exclusively about the two World Wars-- conflicts with clear national boundaries and treaties, and the historical distance to spin tragedy into triumph. But after 9/11, America's most iconic filmmaker could not shake the lingering national wound and the endless war that came from it, releasing two of his darkest and most morally conflicted films. One was a massive summer blockbuster, the other a two-and-a-half-hour Oscar nominee
steven spielberg Katey Rich 2013-04-05
Jurassic Park Oral History Reveals How Jim Carrey And James Cameron Almost Got Involved
Right off the bat, before Spielberg, producer Kathleen Kennedy and the cast and crew start opening up, we learn that Richard Donner (Superman, The Goonies) and James Cameron were potential directors for the gig. Imagine how awesome a Cameron adaptation of Michael Crichton’s bestseller might have been?
steven spielberg Sean O'Connell 2013-04-05
Spielberg Double Feature: Indiana Jones, Always, And How Death Defines Us
It had be years since I'd watched Last Crusade, and aside from recognizing its title from Audrey Hepburn's filmography, I'd never heard of Always. Much to my surprise, both films have some stark similarities in their heroes and the crucial decision each must face.
steven spielberg Kristy Puchko 2013-04-04
Spielberg Double Feature: Schindler's List, Jurassic Park, And A Fascination With History
On the surface, Steven Spielberg’s 1993 double-header of Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List have nothing obvious in common. How could anyone make connections between a thrill-a-minute popcorn blockbuster about rampaging dinosaurs and a deeply personal historical tome about the horrors of the Holocaust?
steven spielberg Sean O'Connell 2013-04-03
Steven Spielberg Drops Moses Movie, But Could Ang Lee Pick It Up?
Deadline says Spielberg has “ended his long flirtation” with the Biblical epic Gods and Kings, and now Warner Bros. is approaching Ang Lee, hoping the Life of Pi director will attach his name to Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine’s screenplay of the Moses story.
steven spielberg Sean O'Connell 2013-03-15
Why Is Jurassic Park 4's Director Being Kept A Secret?
Aside from knowing that it's happening, we don't have a whole lot to go on with Jurassic Park 4. In fact the upcoming 3D re-release is hogging all the attention, which is remarkable in an Internet age where everyone only wants to talk about new movies. In early January Universal officially announced that the movie was happening, but since then all we've managed to learn is that producer Kathleen Kennedy has left the project so she can focus on Star Wars Episode VII. Not exactly an auspicious move for a project that's been struggling along in development for years
steven spielberg Katey Rich 2013-03-14
Steven Spielberg Developing PTSD Drama Thank You For Your Service
In 2009, war reporter David Finkel won praise—including numerous Book of the Year honors—for his non-fiction memoir The Good Soldier, which he wrote about his experiences being embedded with a battalion of American soldiers who were part of the 2007 surge to conquer Baghdad. This fall will see the release of his follow-up, Thank You For Your Service, and already DreamWorks has snatched up the book's movie rights to develop what's sure to be a devastating drama.
steven spielberg Kristy Puchko 2013-03-13
Steven Spielberg Will Lead the Cannes Film Festival Jury
Even though a Best Picture win for Lincoln eluded him at last Sunday's Oscars, Steven Spielberg has accomplished virtually everything possible for an American filmmaker-- his name as this point is practically synonymous with "movies." But can the king of American blockbuster cinema make just as big an impact at the fanciest, most prestigious film festival on the planet?
steven spielberg Katey Rich 2013-02-28
It Took Steven Spielberg's Lincoln To Outlaw Slavery In Mississippi
Every now and then you hear about crazy state laws that are somehow still on the books, like the fact that in Connecticut a pickle legally must bounce before being considered a pickle, or that in South Carolina a person must be 18 years old to play pinball. But did you know that in one state, slavery was still technically not illegal-- and it took a movie, of all things, to change that?
steven spielberg Katey Rich 2013-02-18
Gremlins Reboot Could Be In The Works
The idea of rebooting Gremlins is not a new one and Vulture says that what's really been holding up another movie is the idea of getting Spielberg involved, which has "always proved too daunting a financial prospect." While that very well could end up being the same issue that occurs with this effort, people close to the situation say it could work out this time.
steven spielberg Eric Eisenberg 2013-01-16
Steven Spielberg Swears He Hasn't Abandoned Robopocalypse
Spielberg is swearing, in public, that he really isn't abandoning Robopocalypse, and he's actually working on a new version of the script right now. Talking to Entertainment Weekly he clarified "I'm working on it as we speak"-- which is probably not literally true, since it's rude to write will having a conversation
steven spielberg Katey Rich 2013-01-10
Spielberg, Affleck, Bigelow, Hooper And Lee Receive Directors Guild Nominations
The Directors Guild of America have made their choices of the year's five best directors, and if you've been following the awards season race up to this point, the results probably won't surprise you. This year's nominees for the DGA Award are Ben Affleck, Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hooper, Ang Lee and Steven Spielberg
steven spielberg Katey Rich 2013-01-08
Read The Letter Daniel Day-Lewis Wrote To Steven Spielberg Turning Down Lincoln
At last night's New York FIlm Critics Circle awards dinner, both Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg were on hand to celebrate their film Lincoln, which had won the Best Actor prize for Day-Lewis and Best Screenplay for Tony Kushner. If Spielberg was sore about losing Best Director to Zero Dark Thirty's Kathryn Bigelow he sure didn't show it
steven spielberg Katey Rich 2013-01-08
Anne Hathaway Confirmed For Spielberg's Robopocalypse
Hathaway’s a fine choice for an action/sci-fi thriller. Drew Goddard will be writing the film (at the moment), an as Empire points out, there are two key female roles in the story: A U.S. Senator and a “grunt.” But things can change from novel to screenplay, and so Hathaway – or whomever is hired – will have to be flexible.
steven spielberg Sean O'Connell 2012-11-12
Steven Spielberg Won't Direct Star Wars, In Case You Were Hoping
It never really seemed a serious possibility, but in the week or so since Disney announced that they had acquired Lucasfilm, Steven Spielberg's name has been one of the most frequently seen on the zillion shortlists of "Who Should Direct Star Wars VII?" It makes sense on some levels, of course. Spielberg and George Lucas are longtime friends
steven spielberg Katey Rich 2012-11-09
Steven Spielberg And Daniel Day-Lewis Delve Into The History And The Mind Of Lincoln
As important as the story of the 16th president is, the reason why people will go to see Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln is because of the pedigree of the director and the performance of its star, Daniel Day-Lewis. But what’s impressive about the film is that once the lights have gone out and the projection has started, you are completely sucked into the 19th century world that the duo creates.
steven spielberg Eric Eisenberg 2012-11-08
Jurassic Park's 3D Re-Release Gets A Great New Poster
Steven Spielberg is having a really good fall. In October we saw the release of the 30th anniversary Blu-ray edition of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial; the filmmaker's latest project, Lincoln, will be arriving in select cities this weekend before expanding nationwide next weekend; he managed to get A-lister Chris Hemsworth to star in his sci-fi action film Robopocalypse...
steven spielberg Eric Eisenberg 2012-11-07
Abraham Lincoln Needs Votes In International Lincoln Trailer
The clip maps out the battles in Spielberg’s movie, and I’m not talking about Gettysburg or Antietum. Instead, Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) risked his popularity to push through an unpopular amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolishing slavery, even before the Civil War had been decided.
steven spielberg Sean O'Connell 2012-11-05
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