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Watch Why First And Final Frames Are So Important In Epic Movie Mash-Up
The world's greatest filmmakers tell their stories from the very first frame in their movies to the very last. Need proof? Just watch the amazing supercut below, and you'll notice just how many brilliant films have beginnings and endings that work in stunning tandem.
Frank Eric Eisenberg 2015-03-22
Watch This Supercut Of Epic Movie Shots From 2014
This supercut of 2014's best shots of cinematography might just leave you with stars in your eyes. Check out what one editor thought was the best of the best online.
Frank Mike Reyes 2014-12-30
The 10 Best Movies Of 2014, According To Eric
After much agonizing, rank swapping, and last-minute screening squeeze-ins, I am ready to reveal my Top 10 for 2014 - and it’s a list of movies that made me feel hundreds of kinds of emotions throughout the year and that I plan to watch many times again in the future.
Frank Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-29
The 10 Best Movie Music Moments Of 2014
The time has come to look back at all of the films of 2014 and single out what can be considered the greatest movie music moments we’ve seen. Which titles made the cut and which didn’t? You’ll have to read on to find out!
Frank Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-25
10 Great Movies Netflix Is Adding In January
Since the announcement this past October, the fact that all 10 seasons of Friends will be coming to Netflix in January has been all over headlines – but the truth is that it’s far from the only big new addition to the digital media site’s huge library. There will also be a number of features that will be heading Netflix’s way next month, and some of them are quite excellent.
Frank Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-17
Michael Fassbender Hides In Plain Sight In Frank Trailer
This trailer is all kinds of weird, but that's precisely its appeal. And if you think that Coca-Cola Kiss Me song is ridiculous, just wait until the memory of it creeps up on you in the shower, playing on an endless, inescapable loop!
Frank Kristy Puchko 2014-06-24
Michael Fassbender Wears A Paper Mache Head, Sets Up Some Ground Rules In First 'Frank' Clip
One thing that indie films will always have as an edge over the studio system is the amount of weird that is allowed to go into productions. Without the pressure of a $100 million budget and the need to appeal to every single paying movie-goer on the planet, filmmakers have a bit more creative freedom, and sometimes that results are just plain bizarre.
Frank Eric Eisenberg 2014-01-20
Can You Spot Michael Fassbender In This Still From Frank?
Irish writer-director Lenny Abrahamson is poised to finally breakthrough in the U.S. thanks to his upcoming comedy Frank. Sure, its title is far from evocative, but that doesn't much matter since the filmmaker behind the Cannes Film Festival fêted drama Garage has scored the ever-mesmerizing Michael Fassbender to play the film's title character.
Frank Kristy Puchko 2013-01-10
Maggie Gyllenhaal Joins Michael Fassbender In Music Comedy Frank
The story largely focuses on an aspiring rocker (Gleeson) who struggles to keep up with his bandmates when he joins an eccentric rock outfit led by Fassbender’s character, Frank. The site speculates that Gyllenhaal would be a love interest for Fassbender.
Frank Sean O'Connell 2012-12-30
Michael Fassbender Fulfills Destiny To Be A Rock Star In Indie Drama Frank
The phrase "rock star" is kind of an antiquated way to say someone is cool, actually-- these days rock and roll isn't so much thriving and surviving, and arguably the coolest musicians in the world these days-- Jay-Z, Kanye, et. al.-- are rappers. But still, "rock star" seems like a pretty apt way to describe Michael Fassbender
Frank Katey Rich 2012-09-04
Enchanted Director Goes Kinda Frankenstein
Lima will be taking the story by Imagine That director Karey Kirkpatrick and making the romantic comedy Frank for Fox 2000. According to Variety, the main character is a geeky teenage med student who uses her science skills to build her own friend when she can't find one
Frank Katey Rich 2009-06-23
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