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Alien: Covenant Won't Include Prometheus' Noomi Rapace
Though it has a different name and will reportedly lead to Alien, Alien: Covenant is still a descendent of Prometheus. When it hits theaters, however, one key piece will be missing: Noomi Rapace
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2016-01-30
When Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant Will Actually Take Place
As production on Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant creeps closer, plot details are still sparse, but we may now know when it takes place in relation to Prometheus, which could clarify some things.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-12-31
Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant Has Found Its Lead
We're still a long ways away from Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, and while we don't know much about the new characters the film will introduce, now we know who will be the lead.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-12-18
Michael Fassbender Will Play Two Roles In Alien: Covenant
Sir Ridley Scott tantalisingly revealed that Michael Fassbender will play two parts in Alien: Covenant, and I'm already beyond excited to see what that produces.
Prometheus 2 Gregory Wakeman 2015-11-28
The Huge Question Ridley Scott Wants To Answer With His Alien Sequels
Sir Ridley Scott has just been talking the Prometheus sequels/Alien prequels, so everyone should stop what they're doing and listen if you want to know what they will be about.
Prometheus 2 Gregory Wakeman 2015-11-27
How Many More Alien Movies Ridley Scott Says He'll Make
Ridley Scott has talked about making multiple movies leading up to the events of his seminal 1979 classic Alien, but now we know how many movies he has planned, and it's more than we thought.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-11-27
Who Neill Blomkamp's Cancelled Alien Movie Would Have Focused On
The only battle bigger than the one between humans and xenomorphs is the one between the films about humans and xenomorphs. Both Ridley Scott and Neil Blomkamp were working on their own films set in the Alien world.
Prometheus 2 Dirk Libbey 2015-11-23
What Ridley Scott Regrets About Alien
Alien is a horror and science fiction classic that spawned sequels, prequels, and spinoffs. As successful as the franchise has been, however, director Ridley Scott has one big regret.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-11-12
Rebecca Ferguson May Join Prometheus 2, Here's What We Know
Few actors upped their public profile in 2015 quite like Rebecca Ferguson, and now she has a number of high profile potential roles in front of her, including the the possibility of joining Ridley Scott's Prometheus 2.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-10-14
Prometheus 2 Is Adding Some New Characters, Here's What We Know
When Alien: Paradise Lost hits theaters, it won't be just about the continuing adventures of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and the android David, there will be some new characters to be torn apart by the horrors of deep space.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-10-07
4 Huge Facts We Just Learned About Ridley Scott's Alien: Paradise Lost
Now that we know Prometheus 2 isn't Prometheus 2 anymore, director Ridley Scott has been talking about the project, and he has some very interesting things to say.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-09-25
Why Prometheus 2 Had To Change Its Name To Fit Alien In
What do you think? Was it wise to adopt a title that leans on the Alien brand? Will this next film be the one that closes the gap between Scott’s seminal Alien movie, and these latest efforts? Weigh in below. 
Prometheus 2 Sean O'Connell 2015-09-25
Prometheus 2 Now Has A Direct Connection To Alien, Here's What We Know
We know that Prometheus is linked to Alien, but exactly how has been muddy and vague. However, Prometheus 2 just got a new title and that connection is now explicit.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-09-24
Ridley Scott Is Thinking About Way More Than One Prometheus Sequel
Ridley Scott is kind of fortunate that he's getting the opportunity to make Prometheus 2. But he doesn't want to stop there. In fact, Sir Ridley has got so many ideas for the franchise that he wants to make Prometheus 3 and Prometheus 4.
Prometheus 2 Gregory Wakeman 2015-09-23
Prometheus 2 Wants To Answer This Huge Question From The Original Film
The end of PrometheusPrometheus 2 will look to address the biggest of these uncertainties.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-09-16
Prometheus 2 Bringing Back This Key Character
At this stage, Ridley Scott's Prometheus 2 most definitely stands as a mystery, with not much known about exactly how the movie will pick up the story where its predecessor left things. Next to nothing is known about the plot, but at the very least we now do know that we will get to see the return of Michael Fassbender's android character, David.
Prometheus 2 Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-15
Prometheus 2 Will Happen Much Sooner Than We Thought
Even though he's 77-years-old, director Ridley Scott works at a rapid fire pace. The Martian hasn't even hit theaters yet, but he's already hard at work on his next movie, Prometheus 2.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-08-27
Neill Blomkamp's Alien Movie May Get Bumped By This Sci-Fi Sequel
The Alien timeline has grown muddy over the years, and from what we have been hearing, there will be a few more twists and turns before the picture becomes more clear.
Prometheus 2 Sean O'Connell 2015-08-18
Prometheus 2 Is Definitely Happening, Find Out When
Since 2012, a Prometheus sequel has been something that's been talked about, but that we were never sure was going to happen. But that's changed and now we know when Prometheus 2 is going to start production.
Prometheus 2 Brent McKnight 2015-08-03
Why Alien 5 Had To Make One Change To Its Story
By now we should all know that District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp is planning to make a fifth Alien movie. But with Prometheus 2 in the works for 2016, will the new Alien overlap with what Ridley Scott’s planning?
Prometheus 2 Nick Romano 2015-03-23
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