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New Ghostbusters Image Gives Us First Look At Chris Hemsworth
While much has been made of the new team in Paul Feig's upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, they're not the only characters that have been given the gender-swap treatment.
melissa mccarthy Dirk Libbey 2016-02-03
Ghostbusters Show Plenty Of Awesome Attitude In Latest Images
After sharing the latest shot of the four women in action, Paul Feig and Sony today dropped character posters for each of the female Ghostbusters, while the director chimed in with a few words of wisdom about the type of character they will be.
melissa mccarthy Sean O'Connell 2015-12-17
The New Ghostbusters Look Badass In First Official Image
The original Ghostbusters is a fondly remembered film. This for a good reason. Itís a fantastic movie. That love for the original lead to much apprehension however, when a reboot to the series was announced. Now we can see what all the fuss was about.
melissa mccarthy Dirk Libbey 2015-12-16
Ghostbusters 3: What We Know About The Reboot
Since the future appears very bright for Sonyís Ghostbusters franchise, letís take a moment to slap on a proton pack and assess where we stand. Cue up the Ray Parker Jr. CD and dive in to our What We Know So Far for the Ghostbusters reboot, which is heading to theaters on July 22, 2016.
melissa mccarthy Sean O'Connell 2015-12-07
Ghostbusters Critics Dissed By Sony Head In Epic Rant
There has been a ton of vitriol and spite directed at the female-fronted Ghostbusters rebook, but Sony's head just told all of the haters what they can do with their opinions.
melissa mccarthy Brent McKnight 2015-11-20
The Boss Trailer Is Hysterical And Vicious
Whether you're a big fan or a wary supporter of Melissa McCarthy, there's something for everyone in the trailer for her new film, The Boss. Though if it helps, we can promise there's a really funny pratfall involving a Murphy bed awaiting your watchful eye.
melissa mccarthy Mike Reyes 2015-11-20
Ghostbusters Shows Off Its Girl Power With Epic New Photo
Ghostbusters is ready to lead the charge for women in film, and this latest photo off the set is proof that their heart is definitely in the right place.
melissa mccarthy Mike Reyes 2015-08-26
The 10 Highest-Paid Actresses In Hollywood
We all know that the folks who work on movies and television in Hollywood are rather well compensated for their efforts, especially the big names, and now we know who the top earning actresses of the last year are.
melissa mccarthy Brent McKnight 2015-08-20
See The New Ghostbusters Visiting A Children's Hospital In Full Costume
Despite the negativity surrounding Paul Feigís upcoming female-fronted Ghostbusters, it wonít holding the team back from using their ghost-busting powers for good. When the women get in gear, they can do anything-- including bringing smiles to a group of children at a hospital.
melissa mccarthy Catarina Cowden 2015-08-02
New Ghostbusters Now Have Official Names
Who you gonna call? Now we know. Paul Feig's latest update has revealed the names of the ladies who will be bringing the heat in the ongoing battle against the phantoms of the world in Ghostbusters
melissa mccarthy Nick Romano 2015-07-20
Ghostbusters Just Dropped Great First Look At The Whole Team
There have been a variety of behind the scenes pictures from Ghostbusters making the rounds, but director Paul Feig just gave us our best look yet, and it's awesome.
melissa mccarthy Brent McKnight 2015-07-10
Take A Detailed Look At The Ghostbusters' New Proton Pack
If you still think Paul Feig is ruining your childhood with his all-female Ghostbusters reboot, perhaps this will help ease your worries. As the Bridesmaids director continues production with his stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, he has been releasing photos of the costumes online via Twitter.
melissa mccarthy Nick Romano 2015-07-07
The Ghostbusters Reboot Just Cast A Mysterious New Villain
Hot on the heels of adding four new cast members, Paul Feig's upcoming female-centric Ghostbusters reboot has cast it's new big bad villain.
melissa mccarthy Brent McKnight 2015-07-07
The New Ghostbusters Will Bust Ghosts With These Weapons
Ghostbusters is aiming for a July 22, 2016 release date. Keep following us (and Feig) for constant updates on the reboot. And ladies? Remember not to cross those streams.
melissa mccarthy Sean O'Connell 2015-06-30
See The New Ghostbusters Costumes From The All-Female Reboot
While most of what we know about the new female-centric Ghostbusters reboot is based on rumor and hearsay, director Paul Feig just Tweeted out something fun for fans from the set.
melissa mccarthy Brent McKnight 2015-06-29
Ghostbusters Is Filming, And We Have The First Good Look
The Ghostbusters have landed, and we have the footage to prove it! Read on to see the new beginnings of franchise history.
melissa mccarthy Mike Reyes 2015-06-18
Does The Female Ghostbusters Reboot Refer To The Originals? Dan Aykroyd Says This
We know that the new Ghostbusters reboot will change the world of the films, but will it pay homage to its predecessor? According to Dan Aykroyd, the answer is yes.
melissa mccarthy Brent McKnight 2015-06-17
The Female Ghostbusters Reboot Drops Plot Details, Teases Cameos
The Paul Feig-directed Ghostbusters reboot will soon be starting production up in Boston, Massachusetts, but to this point there really haven't been many details revealed about the movie's plot. Well, that changes today, as a new report has spilled the beans not only on what we can expect the story to deliver, but some familiar faces who could be showing up.
melissa mccarthy Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-17
The Female Ghostbusters Movie Definitely Will Be An Origin Story
Like Coldplay's famed scientist, Paul Feig is going back to the start with his Ghostbusters reboot. Read on to see why this is probably the best idea in the whole project's history.
melissa mccarthy Mike Reyes 2015-06-01
The Female Ghostbusters Movie Has A Giant Budget
The new all-female Ghostbusters reboot was reportedly greenlit for a whopping $154 million budget. This could mean amazing special effects and the potential for CGI ghosts in the film.
melissa mccarthy Ayanna Julien 2015-04-21
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