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This Rotten Week: Predicting San Andreas And Aloha Reviews
It’s time for another edition of This Rotten Week, as the summer blockbuster season rolls on – as does the season of counter-programming films. Going head to head this week is the giant earthquake of San Andreas versus the romantic comedy of Cameron Crowe’s Aloha.
san andreas Doug Norrie 2015-05-24
Of Course The Rock Just Broke A Guinness World Record On The San Andreas Red Carpet
The Rock is now in the Guinness Book Of World Records. It's just a shame that it's for the lamest world record ever.
san andreas Gregory Wakeman 2015-05-22
The Rock Found A Fresh, Angry Angle To Take On Shazam Villain Black Adam
Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been waxing lyrical about Black Adam, and his enthusiasm is adorable.
san andreas Gregory Wakeman 2015-05-22
Why Dwayne Johnson's Lobo Film Was Indefinitely Delayed
As Brad Peyton and Dwayne Johnson's San Andreas project is about to hit theaters, the question on everyone's mind is whether or not the Lobo movie is next.
san andreas Catarina Cowden 2015-05-18
The Rock Tries To Save Everyone In Final, Fantastic San Andreas Trailer
Who knew that the one man we can rely on during a catastrophic earthquake is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson? San Andreas’ final, enthralling trailer proves that the former WWE star and now bona-fide Hollywood darling won’t let a little thing like a mammoth natural disaster break up his family.
san andreas Gregory Wakeman 2015-05-04
San Andreas Will Make Changes To Its Approach Because Of The Earthquake In Nepal
San Andreas, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, tells of a devastating earthquake that demolishes California and sends shockwaves all over the world. The film is set to bow at the end of May, but Warner Bros. considered delaying the release in light of a real earthquake that hit Nepal.
san andreas Nick Romano 2015-04-30
Watch The Rock Pull Off An Impossible Rescue In First Full San Andreas Scene
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson takes on his next opponent, which consists of actual rocks in the upcoming earthquake epic, San Andreas as an emergency helicopter pilot. In a brand new full scene clip, the world’s most electrifying…helicopter rescue pilot tells the laws of physics to know its role and shut its mouth as he pulls off a ridiculous rescue.
san andreas Joseph Baxter 2015-04-10
What If San Andreas Starred Superman Instead of The Rock?
Imagine if Superman were there to save everyone from this natural disaster in San Andreas? Imagine no more, because here’s a mash-up of Supermandreas.
san andreas Nick Romano 2015-03-30
San Andreas Trailer Has Dwayne Johnson Taking On Earthquakes And Tidal Waves
In the match-up of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson vs. an Earthquake, it's not super easy to determine an automatic victor. On the Hollywood stage, both are absolute forces of nature and can do some serious damage. Regardless of who wins, however, it should be a rather awesome fight.
san andreas Eric Eisenberg 2015-03-09
The Rock Saves The Day In Devastating New San Andreas Pic
It appears that the upcoming disaster epic, San Andreas will have Dwayne Johnson running around his Earthquake-addled city of Los Angeles, looking for solutions that his status as the designated protagonist will only allow him to exclusively implement.
san andreas Joseph Baxter 2015-03-09
Super Bowl Movie Trailers: 10 Films That Need Awesome TV Spots
These are the 10 movies on Hollywood’s release schedule that could use a Super Bowl boost. Maybe they aren’t on your radar yet? Maybe a studio showed some footage, and it didn’t go over as well as planned? Super Bowl Sunday could be Salvation Sunday if these films play their cards right.
san andreas Sean O'Connell 2015-01-28
Confession: We Secretly Think These 2015 Movies Will Be Terrible
Every year, there are hundreds of movies released that suck from conception to execution to final product. At no point do they have any chance of working. They’re bad ideas, involving bad directors, aimed at stupid people. In short, they’re giant wastes of time.
san andreas Mack Rawden 2015-01-22
San Andreas Trailer: Watch The Rock Fight An Earthquake
The Rock is an asskicker. Put someone or something in front of him, and he’ll kick its ass. Stone Cold Steve Austin? A franchise with diminishing box office returns? He’s ready to handle anything
san andreas Mack Rawden 2014-12-09
This Is The Face The Rock Makes When Escaping From An Earthquake
In San Andreas, Ray (The Rock) will be in the air when the Earthquake hits – and he’ll see the destruction of Los Angeles from the sky. After retrieving his wife (played by Carla Gugino), the couple will attempt to get to San Francisco, where they plan to rescue their daughter (played by Alexandra Daddario).
san andreas Sean O'Connell 2014-12-08
Kylie Minogue Added To San Andreas 3D
Minogue will show up in a climactic scene to beat back the earthquake with her stunning dance moves and golden pipes, performing a sea of retro disco dance hits so baller that Mother Nature must bow to her fury. That last part is in no way the truth, but all due respect to the director of Cats And Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore, they're not going to come up with a better ending.
san andreas Gabe Toro 2014-06-11
Dwayne Johnson Shows Off Some New Skills In New San Andreas Training Photo
San Andreas is a big earthquake disaster movie, and production on the film is scheduled to take place over the next few months down in Australia. Judging from this image, it would seem that at least one scene in the movie will have the star actually going down into a giant crevasse created by the aforementioned natural disaster.
san andreas Eric Eisenberg 2014-04-16
The Rock Shares A First Look At His Earthquake Disaster San Andreas
Rock plays a helicopter pilot who flies into a danger zone to rescue his daughter following a massive California earthquake. The role of his daughter went to the beautiful Alexandra Daddario, co-star of HBO’s True Detective and the Percy Jackson series.
san andreas Sean O'Connell 2014-03-17
Dwayne Johnson Nabs True Detective Beauty Alexandra Daddario For San Andreas
Now, if you only know Daddario from the Percy franchise, you might be a little surprised – as I was – to Google search her and find out she was in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. And she’s part of HBO’s new True Detective series… where she recently had a graphic, kinky sex scene with Woody Harrelson!
san andreas Sean O'Connell 2014-02-04
Dwayne Johnson's Earthquake Adventure San Andreas Will Rattle Theaters In Summer 2015
San Andreas will be directed by Brad Peyton, who teamed up with Johnson to earn Warner over $335 million worldwide with 2012’s Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, a film that opened in the February release graveyard. It stands to reason them teaming up on a summer tentpole could shake up all of the competition. At this point, according to BoxOfficeMojo, they’re only going head-to-head with DreamWorks Animation’s B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations.
san andreas Nick Venable 2013-12-06
The Rock May Star In New Line's 3D Disaster Film San Andreas
Lately, Dwayne Johnson has been showing off his muscular physique by Tweeting photos from the set of the Hercules movie. Between Brett Ratner's anticipated action film, his wrestling commitments and the Fast & Furious franchise, it's a wonder The Rock has time to squeeze anything else into his schedule.
san andreas Kelly West 2013-10-14
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