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The Stand Movie Could Be Planning Something Really Different
Don't go getting our hopes up by telling us that M-O-O-N might actually spell more than one film for the feature adaptation of The Stand, Stephen King.
stephen king Kelly West 2014-10-02
Does Stephen King Like The Latest Screenplay For The Stand?
The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone recently sat down to discuss his plans for taking The Stand's 1153 pages and chopping it down into a three hour feature. As is to be expected, some cuts are going to have to be made…
stephen king Mike Bracken 2014-09-11
The Stand Adaptation To Be Three Hours Long, R-Rated
When it comes to most books, the word fans love to use is “miniseries.” Many aren't satisfied by a movie's ability to capture the prose and intricacies of the book, especially so for Stephen King's The Stand. Fans worry that director Josh Boone isn't going to be given the proper license to expand upon King's work, an 823-page monster that has enthralled audiences for decades.
stephen king Gabe Toro 2014-06-06
Stephen King's It Movie Adaptation Moves To New Line
There's movement on the feature adaptation of Stephen King's It, and we mean that somewhat literally. The anticipated project, which has been in the works for years, is being moved from Warner Bros. to the studios's New Line division. A two-movie adaptation is planned.
stephen king Kelly West 2014-05-21
Stephen King's Thriller Gerald's Game Gets Handcuffed To Oculus Director Mike Flanagan
Gerald’s Game doesn’t have gigantic monsters or insane action sequences hindering its transition to cinema, but rather a lead character who spends most of the narrative half-naked. That R-rated element will probably be clothed for the actual movie, but it will presumably tell the same story of a married couple’s romantic retreat gone terribly wrong.
stephen king Nick Venable 2014-05-20
The Fear Monger: ABCs Of Death 2, Stephen King And Lars Von Trier Made Our Week
We’ve only last year seen a second theatrical iteration of a Stephen King novel, with more remakes on the way, and wouldn’t you know it, his upcoming thriller novel Mr. Mercedes has already been snatched up by Media Rights Capital and the Twilight producers at Temple Hill
stephen king Nick Venable 2014-05-18
Stop Complaining When Books Get Re-Adapted, Sometimes They Should Be
Remakes are unoriginal, pretty much by definition. So it’s not unreasonable for people to complain when it seems like Hollywood is churning out remake after remake. With that said, I think a line needs to be drawn between your standard remake of a popular movie, and a remake of a movie that was based on a book. A remake of an original movie seems like an obvious cash grab.
stephen king Kelly West 2013-11-21
Samuel L. Jackson Will Fight For Survival With John Cusack In Stephen King's Cell Adaptation
This won’t be the first time Jackson and Cusack co-star in a King adaptation, as they were both in Mikael Håfström’s underseen 2007 horror mystery 1408>, though Jackson’s role was limited to one major scene. I can’t wait to see them share the screen together for most of a feature.
stephen king Nick Venable 2013-11-04
Ron Howard Says The Dark Tower Adaptation Isn't Dead After All
The Dark Tower is something that we’re still working on,” Howard said in the Empire Podcast. “We’ve all taken a vow of silence about the progress, the headway, what we think our timetable is, because I don’t think I realized how much media interest there was in the title and how much excitement there was.”
stephen king Nick Venable 2013-09-17
Scott Cooper Steps In For Ben Affleck On The Stand
The 1978 novel is set in a world that has been ravaged a virus that has killed most of the population of the planet. Those that survive this apocalyptic plague begin having visions that drive them to communities established in Nevada and Colorado. But as these groups attempt to rebuild a functioning society, a battle of good versus evil builds.
stephen king Kristy Puchko 2013-08-23
Chris Evans In Talks For Stephen King Adaptation The Ten O'Clock People
Should he take the role, Evans would play a business man attempting to drop his smoking habit with the help of a new drug. While quitting is hard, the man’s life is about to get even worse once he realizes that many high-ranking society members around him are actually dangerous creatures in human form.
stephen king Nick Venable 2013-05-20
Stephen King's Joyland Option Picked Up By The Help's Tate Taylor
It's a risk to option a book that hasn't even hit shelves yet, but it's one that paid off for The Help director Tate Taylor, who picked up the option for Kathryn Stockett's book before it became a hit. When it comes to authors putting out a popular book, Stephen King's probably a pretty safe bet. But on the other hand, adapting one of King's books for the big (or small) screen is a lofty task.
stephen king Kelly West 2013-05-02
Paranormal Activity 2 Director The Latest To Take On Stephen King's Cell
News of a Stephen King adaptation generally draws extreme reactions - either disgust or clueless joy. I’ll cop to being part of that latter group, though my enthusiasm is always kept in check by the sheer number of of projects he regularly has in development. As fans lay in wait for further development of 11/22/63, The Stand and The Dark Tower, at least one long-gestating project is starting up again.
stephen king Nick Venable 2013-02-08
John Cusack And Stephen King Are Teaming Up For Cell Adaptation
Viewed from a certain angle, the 2007 John Cusack/ Stephen King collaboration, 1408, was a raging success. It grossed more than one hundred and thirty million dollars worldwide, and it actually got well above average reviews. In fact, it almost broke 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. Viewed from another angle, however, 1408 was a gigantic disappointment.
stephen king Mack Rawden 2012-10-31
Sinister Director Scott Derrickson To Direct Adaptation Of Stephen King's The Breathing Method
While I didn't like Scott Derrickson's latest film, Sinister, because of its overdone plot, it's actually a very competently directed movie. Even when the story wasn't bringing the scares, the filmmaker was able to create a terrific, creepy atmosphere using smart camera placement and movement. He seems to have a knack for horror and just needs a proper story to tell. Well, he's going to one of the masters of the genres to find one.
stephen king Eric Eisenberg 2012-10-15
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