Ben Affleck Updates Fans On The Status Of His Batman Script
Having proven how talented he is in this business off-camera, Ben Affleck is taking his love for the Dark Knight one step further by co-writing the next Batman movie and eventually directing it. Here's how the script is coming along, according to him.
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Who Adam West Really Wants To Play In Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie
Adam West wants to cameo in Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie as one very specific character.
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Of Course Harley Quinn Is The Most Popular Halloween Costume This Year, Here Are The Rest
In a surprise to no one, Harley Quinn is already the most popular Halloween costume of 2016. Hit the jump to find out what everyone else will likely be wearing.
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One Justice League Cast Member Expects To Be Back For Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie
It seems that one member of the Justice League ensemble definitely expects to show up in the solo Batman movie. Get the details!
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How Anna Kendrick Feels About The Push For Her To Play Robin In The DCEU
Last week, Ben Affleck's The Accountant costar, Anna Kendrick, decided she wanted in on the action when she "auditioned" to play Robin during an MTV interview. Here's how she feels about some fans legitimately wanting her to play the hero.
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Batman v Superman With Christian Bale And Brandon Routh Looks Incredible
A new fan trailer shows a version of Batman V Superman with Christian Bale and Brandon Routh in the title roles, and it's absolutely awesome. Check it out!
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Joe Manganiello Thinks The Batman Solo Movie's About To Film, But Has Anyone Told Ben Affleck?
Someone call Ben Affleck, because Joe Manganiello claims that the solo Batman movie is going to start filming very, very soon.
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Anna Kendrick Should Play Robin In The DCEU, On One Important Condition
We think Anna Kendrick could totally work as Robin, as long as the solo Batman movie uses her and her character in a very specific way.
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Joe Manganiello Hints At Who Will Play Robin In The Batman Movie
Joe Manganiello recently posted an image on Instagram that heavily implies which actor is going to be Batman's sidekick.
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The Punisher Could Beat This Fan Favorite DC Hero In A Fight, According To Jon Bernthal
Jon Bernthal seems fairly convinced that his Frank Castle could pretty easily take down one DC hero in a head-to-head fight.
Warner Bros Is Planning 2 Huge Event Movies, But Which Ones Are They?
With so many mega-blockbusters on the horizon, studios need to speak up years in advance to claim prime opening weekends for movies that they haven't even started, but really hope to make some day.
Watch Anna Kendrick Audition To Play Ben Affleck’s Robin In An Awkward Batman Skit
The DCEU is expanding every day it seems and so they will need more and more actors to take on the increased number of roles. Anna Kendrick has her eyes on becoming Batman's sidekick, but it seems such a thing would be quite awkward.
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An Actual Batman Is Chasing Down Creepy Clowns, And Our World Feels Safer Now
If you read the news on a regular basis, no doubt you're aware of the creepy clown phenomenon. Well, in one area of the world, one person has taken it upon themselves to dress like Batman to chase these intimidating figures away.
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has An Awesome Idea For How He Could Play Batman In The DCEU
The newly-introduced version of the Dark Knight is set to appear in at least two more movies between now and 2020... but that isn't stopping Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the DCEU's Thomas Wayne) from still dreaming about his own chance to wear the iconic cape and cowl.
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Who Should Play Robin In The DCEU, According To Burt Ward
Batman is one of the most popular comic book characters ever created. His sidekick Robin has not faired quite as well. Having said that, it's likely only a matter of time before the boy wonder makes his presence known in the DC Extended Universe.
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That Time A Monkey Bit Danny DeVito's Crotch On The Batman Returns Set
Tim Burton's original Batman films paved the way for the superhero renaissance that we're experiencing today. While we owe a great deal to those movies, we had no idea that making them was quite as dangerous as it apparently was.
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Adam West’s Batman Is Finally Teaming Up With Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, Get The Details
Our prayers have finally been answered, because it looks like Adam West's Batman and Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman will finally team up. Get the details!
Watch A Man Dressed As Batman Give A Heartbreaking Eulogy For A Child Shooting Victim
In the wake of the terrible tragedy of the shooting and killing of a six-year-old, hundreds have gathered for a superhero themed funeral. Watch a man dressed as Batman give the touching eulogy.
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The One Guest Star Adam West Really Wanted For Batman
It's been a long time since Adam West's Batman was on the air and the 88-year-old actor reminisces about the guest star who got away. Check out who it was!
Ben Affleck Backtracks On Solo Batman Movie’s Title
It seems that Ben Affleck has had to clarify some recent comments he made about the upcoming Batman solo movie. Get the details!
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