The Epic Mickey Spinoff We'll Never See Starred Another Classic Disney Character
It turns out that the Epic Mickey series had a spinoff in the making, one that featured a character that's just about as famous as Disney's mascot mouse. Sadly, that game will never see the light of day.
Disney's Live-Action Little Mermaid Just Added Two Huge Musical Talents, Get The Details
With so many of Disney's live-action fairy tales being successful, it's actually surprising how many of them still haven't been officially announced. However, we can now reduce that number by one. A live-action The Little Mermaid is on the way, and it's bringing along some musical heavy hitters.
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Keira Knightley Just Landed Her Latest Disney Role, And It's Perfect
Knightley's getting back in the Disney fold, not for another Pirates adventure, but for a live-action adaptation of The Nutcracker -- a marriage made in seasonal heaven.
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8 Weird Walt Disney Movies That Really Need A Do Over
The Walt Disney Company has been making movies since just after dirt was invented. Many of their films are classics of the medium that will live forever. Some of their movies are not. The rest fall into far too many categories to mention.
Mary Poppins 2 May Add Ben Whishaw In A Familiar Role That Connects To The Original
Mary Poppins Returns may just have a role for Ben Whishaw. Come to think of it, it's a pretty important component to the long awaited sequel, and you can probably guess who he's being considered to play. Read on to get the details.
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Star Wars May Be Heading To Network TV, Here's What We Know
There's no franchise quite like Star Wars when it comes to dominating in the entertainment biz. Even the most critically-panned movies are huge financial hits. Now, the franchise may be looking for its next hit on network TV.
Disney's Cruella Movie Just Made An Interesting Behind-The-Scenes Change
One of the more recently announced live-action Disney movies is Cruella, which will follow the misdeeds of the fabulous villain from 101 Dalmatians. Much of the details from the movie are a mystery, but we've just become privy to some changes to the writing team
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First Look At The Giant Boy Meets World Reunion Coming To Girl Meets World
When it comes to paying homages to source material, few pieces of fiction out there can claim to be as prolific as Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, and the upcoming Season 3 finale will bring back a ton of Boy Meets World characters. Check them all out in the first look!
All The Huge Stars Heading To The Girl Meets World Finale
Girl Meets World has been a delightful little series worth watching for both kids and any adults who fell in love with the original Boy Meets World series. The Season 3 finale is fast approaching, and we can expect to see some familiar faces.
Moana Has Finally Revealed Its Full Cast Of Characters
While we've already gotten a couple looks at Disney's Moana and its leads, we now have a full compliment of character photos and names to go with them. Read on to get the info on Disney's latest animated hit!
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Why Family Guy Is Probably Done With Star Wars Episodes
The Family Guy producers have finally revealed why we won't be getting any more Star Wars parody episodes any time soon. The answer is a little blunter than you'd guess.
One Big Way Moana Will Differ From Other Disney Princess Films
Animated Disney movies, especially those starring princesses, have followed a pretty familiar formula over the years. While recent films have shaken up that formula, the newest entry will be the most radical departure yet.
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Moana’s New Trailer Is Adorable And Stunning, Check It Out
Disney's animation panel at Comic Con may have dropped some big Moana details today, but they didn't get all of the fun. Check out this short, but adorable international trailer for Disney's next big animated effort.
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The Nutcracker Movie Has Found Its First Star
After months of radio silence, it now seems that Disney's upcoming update of The Nutcracker has cast its first star.
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Walt Disney Studios Just Shattered A Massive Box Office Record
Although 2016 is barely halfway over, it now seems that Walt Disney Studios has just shattered a major box office record. Get the details ahead!
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Star Wars Land Looks Absolutely Incredible In New Disneyland Concept Art
Disney Parks' new Star Wars Land is still years away from being completed, but that doesn't mean they won't spend the entire time teasing us. A new piece of concept art has been released giving us an idea what we'll see when that day finally comes, and we want to buy our tickets now.
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New Pete’s Dragon Clip Is Definitely Missing Something Big
_Pete's Dragon _has released a new clip from its clutches, and there's an absence that's pretty glaring. Go ahead and guess what's missing, then click through to watch the clip and see what's missing from this early look.
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The Live-Action Beauty And The Beast Just Got A Stunning New Poster, Check It Out
We're still waiting on a full-length trailer for the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast, but in the meantime, we've got a gorgeous new poster to stare at. If nothing else, this is going to be a very pretty movie.
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New Video Shows How Many Mistakes Are In Disney's Tarzan
Chances are you were either a kid or a parent of a kid who loved Disney's Tarzan in 1999. Well, that love may not hold up after re-watching the film through adult eyes, and no where is this more evident than in Cinema Sins's takedown.
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New Pete’s Dragon TV Spot Features New Footage And Songs
The mysterious _Pete's Dragon _is hiding somewhere in the woods. Though not for long, as we've gotten a better look at him in the latest TV spot.
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