Kevin Hart Eyes Santa Claus Role From Con Air Writer Because Sometimes Hollywood Rules
Kevin Hart is going to play Santa Claus from a script by the writer of Con Air, and that's fine with us.
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James Gunn Shoots Down Tron 3 Rumor, Jokingly Blasts Holes Through A Bunch Of Rumored Projects
The movie rumor mill is actually an entertaining place to hang out and see what gets churned out. James Gunn has had to debunk a recent rumor regarding involvement in a new Tron movie and he took the opportunity to debunk several other rumors a well, that he just invented.
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Disney Is Making An Oliver Twist Musical, With Ice Cube In A Major Role
Disney is gearing up to release a new version of the eponymous orphan's tale, this time with Ice Cube as one of the leads.
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The Rock Is Singing In New Moana Clip, You're Welcome
One of the highlights of a Disney animated film is the music. This becomes all the more special when the great Lin-Manuel Miranda is responsible for much of it. Now The Rock has given us our first hint of what Moana will sound like.
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A Don Quixote Movie Is Finally Coming, Just Not The One We Were Expecting
Considering how famous the tale of Don Quixote is, it's surprising it's never been adapted for the big screen. Well, now that's about to change, although it won't be the Don Quixote movie many of us have been expecting.
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How Many Bugs Would Simba Have To Eat To Survive In The Jungle All Those Years?
The Lion King is one of Disney's most loved animated films. It's so popular, in fact, that it's possible we've overlooked a critical flaw in the story. An all-grub diet is unlikely to work out for a lion.
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The Oscar-Winning Filmmaker Who Passed On Disney’s Live-Action Mulan
Disney's live-action Mulan was recently given a release date for two years from now, yet the project has already become one of the most talked about films in recent weeks. However, at least one major director wasn't interested.
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How Disney's Live-Action Mulan Plans To Avoid A Major Controversy
Disney's Mulan is one of the studios more loved films because it does something truly different with the traditional Disney princess, making her the one who saves the day. This makes reports that Mulan isn't the hero of her own story all the more disconcerting.
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A Live-Action Aladdin Movie Is Happening, With An Unexpected Director
We are living in a whole new world of Disney movies, where classic animated movies are being translated into live-action interpretations.
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Disney Just Passed Another Huge Milestone At The Box Office
It's been a good year for Disney at the box office. Like, a really good year. Between their own animation studio, Marvel, and Pixar, the company has had one movie or another setting records. Now, they've passed another major mark.
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Who Disney Should Cast As The New Mulan
The announcement that Disney has given a specific release date to their live-action Mulan means that the pre-production process will begin to get rolling. Above all, that means casting an actress to play the lead role.
Dug From Pixar’s Up Comes To Life In This Adorable New Video
Watch Dug the Talking Dog from Pixar's 2009 classic, Up, come to live in an adorable new Disney In Real Life video.
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How One Original Star Wars Character Became A Rebel, According To Star Wars Rebels
The Star Wars universe nowadays spans countless characters from movies, books, and TV shows alike. For many of us, however, the crew from the original trilogy has a special place in our hearts. Now, Star Wars Rebels will reveal the origin of one of the franchise's most lovable characters.
Disney’s Jack And The Beanstalk Movie Just Hired Someone Over From Pixar
Disney has been hard at work since 2015 making sure Gigantic will be the best it can be, and today they took another step forward by bringing aboard this rising Pixar talent.
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Miley Cyrus Says Others Were Paid More For Hannah Montana
If you can remember way back, you can probably recall the former pop star when she had long locks and a more pronounced southern accent. Early in life Cyrus was a prominent member of the Disney lineup, starring in her own show Hannah Montana, a show which Cyrus now says underpaid her by a lot.
How Much Longer Disney Plans On Making Star Wars Movies
We joke that Disney, because they have the rights to both Marvel and Star Wars movies, will likely continue to make features in each of those series until most of you reading this are dead and buried.
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The Honest Way Disney Feels About Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Disney's CEO just got honest about the fate of Rogue One, in the wake of a plethora of behind the scenes shakeups.
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Disney’s Moana Is Facing Racist Allegations
Despite being a project that's aim is to increase diversity in the Disney canon, Moana has lead to a bit of a mistake that comes off as racist. Read on to get the details on the slip up.
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The Reason A Star Wars Live-Action TV Show Won't Happen Any Time Soon
Somewhere between the Fountain of Youth and a den of unicorns, there exists the live-action Star Wars TV series. Here's what's stopping that kind of project from becoming a reality.
A Guy Is Suing Disney World After He Was Apparently Bitten By A Poisonous Snake
A man from Pennsylvania is suing the famous theme park after being partially paralyzed by a venomous snake he encountered in one of the resort's pools.
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