One Of Fight Club Author Chuck Palahniuk's Best Books Is Heading To TV
After Fight Club, it seemed very likely that Chuck Palahniuk would become the next go-to author for more extreme cinema, but that hasn't happened. Thankfully, another one of his best books is going to TV.
Fight Club Made With Kids Is Much Funnier Than The Real Fight Club
If you've ever wondered what David Fincher's 1999 film Fight Club would look like without the sex, violence, and swearing; animated; and set in the 4th grade, today is your lucky day.
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Could Fight Club 2 Become A TV Show? Here's What Chuck Palahniuk Says
Author Chuck Palahniuk has a hell of a challenge on his hands in bringing Fight Club 2 to the original novel and film’s giant fanbase. But will it just stick to the comic pages, or is it coming to TV at some point?
Watch Why First And Final Frames Are So Important In Epic Movie Mash-Up
The world's greatest filmmakers tell their stories from the very first frame in their movies to the very last. Need proof? Just watch the amazing supercut below, and you'll notice just how many brilliant films have beginnings and endings that work in stunning tandem.
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We All Misunderstood Fight Club, Here's What Really Happened
So what’s the main thrust of the argument? Obviously, stop reading this is you haven’t yet seen or read Fight Club, and still want to go into the story unspoiled.
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Watch This Montage Of The Greatest Explosions In The History Of Movies
Today is the day when, all around the world, fireworks are ignited as people celebrate the departure of 2014 and the arrival of 2015. So it seems only appropriate that we would end our year in cinema with a bang as well:
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Fight Club Just Got A Hilarious Middle Finger From This Honest Trailer
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Fight Club’s release the boys over at Honest Trailers have given them the only present that they could possibly have mustered. They’ve critiqued its every frame in intimate detail for the rest of the world to laugh and joke over. David Fincher will be so grateful.
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What Pisses Edward Norton Off About Older Snarky Hollywood Elites
Ed Norton is annoyed at the members of the Hollywood elite who look down on modern movies. In fact he’s downright pissed off. The Birdman actor thinks that 2014 is shaping up to be a pretty stellar cinematic year, and he wants people to stop saying, “they don’t make them like they used to.”
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Fight Club 2 To Hit Comic Shelves In May 2015
The ending of Fight Club was a conclusive affair that left little to no room for a sequel. Yet, through the magic of self-reflective imagination, Chuck Palahniuk is bringing back his iconic novel for a second go around the track with a limited comic series.
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How Brad Pitt Changed Hollywood Action Movies
Back in the 1980s, Hollywood action movies preferred their male leads to have gigantic arms. They wanted Hulk Hogan lookalikes with Popeye biceps who could conceivably one punch any human being into a coma. More recently, however, the standard of badass bodies has changed quite a bit.
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See How A Fight Club Scene Looks With Tyler Durden Digitally Removed
Spoiler alert if you still haven't seen Fight Club! There are certain movies that offer a twist so drastic, when it's revealed, we find ourselves wanting to re-watch the entire movie to see just how much of the truth of the situation was staring us in the face the entire time.
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Fight Club Author Chuck Palahniuk Shares New Details About The Graphic Novel Sequel
I know, we’re not supposed to talk about Fight Club, but I think it’s ok to talk about Fight Club, as in the book, the movie and the anticipated sequel that author Chuck Palahniuk is penning. We learned this summer that author Chuck Palahniuk was writing a sequel to the 1996 novel Fight Club — a book that was later adapted into the film by David Fincher, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.
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Fight Club Sequel Coming, But As A Graphic Novel
It's hard to imagine anything in the Fight Club universe being defined by "suburban boredom," especially with Marla involved, but that really is the natural next step for the Fight Club story, which in its first incarnation was about the boredom of white-collar single life. Palahniuk promises it will be "dark and messy," but within the world of graphic novels, that's a lot easier to pull off than on film
Brad Pitt's 5 Best Roles Prove He's Always Been More Talented Than You Think
With Pitt on the brain, we're setting out to change that perception of him as a handsome guy who can't act his way out of a paper bag. As it turns out, he's got an entire career's worth of excellent performances to prove his talent, starting even in his earliest days as more of a pin-up boy than the Hollywood powerhouse he is today. Here are five examples of Pitt performances that don't just prove he's got talent
Movies Are Still Quotable, Dammit: 5 Of The Best Lines Of The Last Decade
I don't just feel the need to stand up for the movies of the last decade because I believe they're as well-written and memorable as anything that's come before, but because I can come up with five more recent
Fight Club's Tyler Durden Has Hacked The Social Network
Judging by the Friday box office numbers (the film pulled in $8 million in its opening night), many of you have seen David Fincher's The Social Network this weekend. And why wouldn't you? The film has earned
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I Am Jack's 10th Anniversary Fight Club Blu-Ray Release
The first rule of Fight Club is not to talk about Fight Club, but Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has flagrantly violated that rule by announcing the full details of the new 10th Anniversary Edition of the flick on Blu-Ray
Fight Club Blu-Ray Details Revealed
The first rule of Fight Club is, don't talk about Fight Club. has flagrantly violated the first rule by bringing word of the special features for the November 17th Blu-ray release
Story Analysis: Far Cry 2
In Far Cry 2, players control a mercenary trying to hunt down a mysterious arms dealer known only as "The Jackal." As I progressed through the game, one thing kept bothering me about my target - besides the fact that he spoke his dialogue at Gilmore Girls speed, I mean. What really bothered me was this nagging feeling that the Jackal was
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