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Mark Wahlberg And Oscar Isaac May Be Up For A Major Superhero Adaptation

Mark Wahlberg and Oscar Isaac are among the top contenders to play a cool superhero in the near future. Learn more ahead.

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Why Mark Wahlberg Almost Said No To Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights was an important movie for Mark Wahlberg's acting career, but he nearly passed on it for a specific reason.

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Why Mark Wahlberg Decided To Do AT&T Commercials

This may be news to you, but Mark Wahlberg is not a commercial guy. That is, he wasn't until recently when he started doing ads for AT&T. So why all the sudden does Marky Mark have a change of heart?

Why Six Billion Dollar Man Is Not Your Typical Superhero Story

The Six Billion Dollar Man is ready to kick ass and adjust names for inflation! And yet, the secret agent with special abilities is looking change the game, by distancing itself from more marvel-ous fare. Read on to see why it's so different from other superhero movies, and why that's a good thing.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Daddy’s Home 2 Will Actually Be In Theaters Very Soon

Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, and, hopefully, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow really need to get to work.

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Daddy’s Home 2 Is Happening, Here’s Who May Join The Sequel

Yes, Daddy's Home 2 is actually happening. And along with that comes the prospect of two comedically stacked actors joining the maddening crowd that will feed into Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg's madness. Read on to see who's on deck.

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Why Mark Wahlberg And Peter Berg Moved The Location Of An Explosive Patriots Day Scene

Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg opted to not shoot Patriots Day's Watertown firefight in Watertown, Massachusetts for a seriously emotional reason. This makes us love these guys even more.

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The Uncharted Movie Has Lost Its Main Actor

It seems that the long-awaited Uncharted film adaptation has just suffered a major setback. Get the details!

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Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actor Continued His Reign In 2016

The title of "Most Overpaid Actor In Hollywood" has one again been bestowed upon a familiar face. Get the details!

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Transformers 5: Why Mark Wahlberg Is On The Run In The Last Knight

Cade Yeager. The name flows off of the tongue. If God had a second son, he'd likely name him Cade Yeager. But instead, Michael Bay claimed the name, and handed it to Mark Wahlberg for the benefit of the Transformers franchise.

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Transformers 5: The Coolest Things The Last Knight Trailer Just Showed Fans

As Michael Bay planted explosives near the Knights of the Round Table and some World War II-era Nazis, here are the images that caught our eye after watching this trailer over and over.

First Transformers 5 Footage Sneaks Into Exclusive IMAX Clip

We don't yet have a trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth movie in the ongoing series, but scenes from the sequel have found their way into a new IMAX featurette celebrating the cyber-franchise's relationship with IMAX technology and the cameras.

What Mark Wahlberg Hates And His Wife Loves About Transformers

We don't have an official image of Mark Wahlberg playing Cade Yeager (best movie name ever) in Transformers: The Last Knight, but he was spotted in this Transformers video that the cast made, giving thanks to the UK crowd for their hospitality during the recent film shoot.

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Devastating Patriots Day Trailer Delivers An Explosion, A Manhunt, And The Healing

Patriots Day teased audiences of what's to come with an earlier trailer, but this full reel shows exactly where Wahlberg and Berg are heading with their upcoming drama.

Mark Wahlberg's Patriots Day Trailer Is Harrowing And Emotional, Watch It Now

Patriots Day just dropped its first official trailer, and its somber and chilling. Check it out now.

Mark Wahlberg's Diet To Stay In Mark Wahlberg Shape For Transformers Is Outrageous

People think that being an actor is all about the fame and the glamor. While it might still be mostly about that, you can't say that actors don't do what they need to do in order to get ready for their roles. What Mark Wahlberg does to stay in shape while filming Transformers: The Last Knight sounds absolutely brutal.

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Quiz: Guess The Mark Wahlberg Quote By The Movie

Mark Wahlberg isn't a comedian. But he has created a slew of memorable one-liners over the years, and many of them are really funny. Can you match the Wahlberg line with the proper movie? Take our quiz and find out.

Mark Wahlberg Did A Dad-Rap, And His Daughter Looks Adorably Mortified

At his daughter's request, Mark Wahlberg got back to his roots and sampled some of his rapping ability on a radio show. His daughter quickly regretted asking her dad to rap.

Mark Wahlberg And LeBron James Have A Funny Idea For A Fantasy Basketball Comedy

According to Mark Wahlberg, he and sports superstar LeBron James are cooking up an idea for a basketball comedy movie. Get the details.

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What Mark Wahlberg Does When Fans Call Him Matt Damon

Apparently fans constantly confuse Mark Wahlberg for Matt Damon, and Wahlberg has developed a hilarious way to deal with these incidents.

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