What Mark Wahlberg Does When Fans Call Him Matt Damon
Apparently fans constantly confuse Mark Wahlberg for Matt Damon, and Wahlberg has developed a hilarious way to deal with these incidents.
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The NFL's Perfect Response To Mark Wahlberg's Bold Claims About Ballers
Mark Wahlberg, executive producer of the HBO hit Ballers, recently made the claim about the NFL regarding the show, and the response is pretty great.
Mark Wahlberg’s Boston Marathon Bombing Movie Gets A Haunting, Beautiful New Poster
Posters may have the hardest job in all of movie marketing. How do you explain to an audience what an entire film is about in only a single image? Well, when everybody already knows the subject matter, it means you can focus on making that one image resonate.
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An Original Transformers Star Is Definitely Returning For Transformers: The Last Knight
When Transformers: Age of Extinction came out in 2014, it was a bit of a soft reboot for the franchise. While all the giant robots were the same characters, all of our human lead characters had been replaced by new faces. Now, one is coming back.
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Mark Wahlberg Will Have At Least One Other Human Co-Star For Transformers: The Last Knight
We've just learned that an up-and-coming Nickelodeon actress will be joining Mark Wahlberg in Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight.
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How The Red Sox Will Help Mark Wahlberg Capture A Pivotal Boston Moment For Patriot's Day
The Boston Marathon bombing was a defining moment in the history of the city of Boston. Now, one of the film's about that event is trying recreate a key moment as closely as possible.
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How Product Placement Went Wrong For Transformers 4
Product placement is a tried and true method for building a brand’s awareness among an audience. The movie makes money to help offset the costs of filming, long before any box office dollars come in, and the brand in question gets noticed by millions of people, and most of the time it’s not ridiculously blatant.
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Daddy's Home 2 Is Officially Happening, Get The Details
Hope you liked Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg in Daddy's Home, because we've just learned that a sequel is on the way.
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Mark Wahlberg's Patriots' Day Has Assembled An A-List Cast
The Boston Marathon bombing drama Patriots' Day's has put together an incredible ensemble cast. And it's not just because it includes both John Goodman and J.K. Simmons.
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Mark Wahlberg's Deepwater Horizon Trailer Is Explosive And Exhilarating
The first trailer for Deepwater Horizon has been released, and it does a stellar job of teasing the explosive disaster film.
The Insane Amount Of Money The Rock And Mark Wahlberg Are Being Sued For Over Ballers
We finally found out how much that Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg might have to shell out thanks to a copyright infringement lawsuit related to their HBO series Ballers. Let's just say it's a really high number.
Mark Wahlberg's Patriots Day Just Added John Goodman, Here's Who He'll Play
Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming film Patriots Day will explore the tragedy of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing as well as the men and women who answered the call of duty following that terrible act. The film already has a star-studded cast, and has just enlisted one of our all time favorites: John Goodman.
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Mark Wahlberg's Patriot's Day Is Aiming For Oscar Gold With A Prime Release Date
Patriot's Day is gearing up for the 2017 Academy Awards, and it's doing so with a perfect release date. Read on to get the details.
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Mark Wahlberg's Boston Marathon Bombing Movie Just Added An Oscar Winner
Patriot's Day is gearing up to go into production, signing an Academy Award winner to join its ranks. Read on to find out who, and what effect it will have on the upcoming film.
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Daddy's Home 2? The Director Tells Us This
Daddy's Home has gone up valiantly against Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the box office. But is writer and director Sean Anders interested in a possible comedy sequel?
The Sweet Reason Why Will Ferrell Wanted To Do Daddy's Home
While Will Ferrell may be more known for his off color onscreen antics, his latest, Daddy's Home, is more family oriented, and it turns out there's a sweet reason why this project appealed to him.
How Will Ferrell Feels About Daddy's Home Going Up Against Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Will Ferrell is well aware that Daddy's Home doesn't have a chance going up against Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the box office, but his reason why the comedy is being released on Christmas Day still makes sense.
Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg And HBO Are Being Sued Over Ballers
Ballers was renewed for a second season earlier this year, but now the show has taken a post-season hit that would throw any football player for a loop. The show has been socked with a lawsuit.
Transformers 5 For Mark Wahlberg? The Actor Says This
With Transformers 5 looking to go into production early next year, a lead is obviously a going concern in the here and now. Mark Wahlberg has something to say about that, and his answer is classic Wahlberg.
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Mark Wahlberg's The Six Billion Dollar Man Just Made A Big Change
It’s easy to see how the studio would want this to be a possible franchise. If people dig Mark Wahlberg’s take on The Six Million Dollar Man, they might want to see Hollywood rebuild him (they have the technology) in multiple sequels. Also, the TV show provided a spinoff in The Bionic Woman, who easily could get her own show.
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