New Suicide Squad Video Shines The Spotlight On Will Smith’s Deadshot
Following yesterday's focus on Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad is now shining the spotlight on Deadshot in a new promo, giving fans a taste of his life in prison and his skills out in the field.
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Why Will Smith Decided To Do Suicide Squad
Will Smith has a history of playing leading characters who are usually inherently good people, which only makes his decision to play the assassin Deadshot in the ensemble Suicide Squad all the more interesting.
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We Just Got A Glimpse Into Deadshot’s Backstory In Suicide Squad, Here’s What We Know
DC's Suicide Squad are being called the Worst. Heroes. Ever. But, considering how little we know about the movie versions of these characters, maybe that's a bit of an overreaction.
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How Will Smith Really Feels About Wild Wild West
20 years is a long time to unpack a box office disaster, and after almost that long, that's just what Will Smith has done. Read on for the blunt truth involving Smith's feelings towards the infamous Wild Wild West.
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The Big Change Social Media Has Had On Movies, According To Will Smith
The entertainment industry is a weird place. In the end, it's a business, where the goal is to make money. However, in order to do that you have to produce a product, which is also a piece of art. This process has changed a great deal in the last few decades and Will Smith says that the presence of social media is the biggest reason.
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Independence Day: See The Cast Then And Now
It has been nearly two decades since Independence Day was released on the summer movie public. It was the movie that turned writer/director Roland Emmerich into the big budget spectacle filmmaker that we know him as today. On the eve of the sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence, it's an appropriate time to take a look back at the people who made up the cast of the original film.
Deadshot In Suicide Squad - Everything You Need To Know
Everything you need to know about Floyd Lawton, a.k.a Deadshot, before Suicide Squad hits theaters.
8 Movies Critics Loved That Audiences Pretty Much Igonored
A couple of weeks ago I looked at the movies that were big box office successes even though critics universally destroyed them. Today, we’re going to take a look at the other side of the coin.
One Reason Will Smith Decided To Play Deadshot In Suicide Squad
Last year, Will Smith mentioned that one of the reasons he decided to play Deadshot in Suicide Squad was to explore the character’s “dubious morals,” but now he’s reveals another way he was motivated to join the movie.
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Will Smith Is Teasing A Badass Batman Fight In Suicide Squad
So far the Suicide Squad previews have only shown Batman chasing The Joker and Harley Quinn, but now it looks like he’ll have an encounter with Deadshot as well.
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Will Smith Is Already Teasing The Suicide Squad Ending With Some Pretty Epic Terms
With the divisive and controversial Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicefirmly in the rear view mirror, we can now all calmly begin to cast our glance forward to the second chapter of the DC Extended Universe: Suicide Squad.
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When We Can Expect To See New Suicide Squad Footage
We’re days away from getting what we hope will be a fresh, funny and exciting new look at Suicide Squad, a villainous thriller that will expand on the DC Cinematic Universe and open in theaters in August 5.
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Will Smith's Getting A Top Honor At The MTV Movie Awards
Will Smith has accomplished a lot during his time in the spotlight, and gotten a lot of recognition for those accomplishments. Now, he’s about to get even more recognition.
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Why Netflix Is A Better Option For Many R-Rated Movies, According To One Major Director
Will Smith and David Ayer's new movie just found a home at Netflix instead of a traditional studio. According to the director, this is a much better strategy for this type of R-rated film, here's why.
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Will Smith's Next Movie Might Be Going To Netflix, Get The Details
Netflix has already become a force to be reckoned with in the world of television, but in recent months they’ve been working to build themselves as a major film distributor as well. Now they may have made their biggest deal to date.
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Bad Boys 3 Has A New Release Date
The Bad Boys franchise has begun to move forward with its third installment – aptly titled Bad Boys 3 – and we finally know when exactly the action thriller will blast its way into theaters
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Will Smith To Reteam With His Suicide Squad Director For This Movie
Suicide Squad's Will Smith and David Ayer are re-teaming for a cop thriller that sees humans living amongst fairies and orcs. Immediately intrigued? Thought so.
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Apparently Will Smith Was Not A Nice Human Being While Making Ali
Will Smith is one of those actors who very much has a nice guy persona. According to one of his costars on the Muhammad Ali biopic Ali, however, he was not the nicest guy on set.
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Bad Boys 3 Teases Its Villain, And A Replacement For Michael Bay
Screenwriter Joe Carnahan just let a few new details slip on Twitter regarding the upcoming villain Bad Boys 3 as well as the potential for him to take a greater role in the film's direction.
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Will Smith's Collateral Beauty Adds Kate Winslet And More To An Already Great Cast
Will Smith's Collateral Beauty will have an uphill battle when it goes toe to toe with the next Star Wars movie in the box office this December. However, the movie has a secret weapon. An amazing cast.
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