The 1 World Trade Center underwent construction for months and months before finally earning itself a notable shape and size by the end of fall 2011. Since then, the building has continued its upward climb to completion, and while the effect has been a noticeably slow change on the New York skyline, the 1 World Trade Center has some impressive monumental days coming up in the future that will make the spectacle all the more exciting.

On Monday, weather permitting, the builders of the 1 World Trade Center will lay the beams for the 100th floor, increasing the height of the building to 1,271 feet and making it the largest building in New York City. If you want to be a math snob, it will be exactly 21 feet taller than the Empire State Building. According to The New York Times this is not the final height of the overall structure. In the coming months, the building will also earn a giant antenna, that will increase the its height to 1, 776 feet.

Because the building is being built on top of ground zero and is a not-so-subtle reminder of our past, it is meant to be appreciated but not necessarily celebrated, according to one of the design architects on the project, David M. Childs.
“It’s the marker for the memorial. If you’re coming in from Newark Airport, this is the one you’ll look to. Somebody will say: ‘You see that tall building? That’s ground zero.’ ”

It may not be the tallest building in the world, but 1 World Trade Center should serve the New York Skyline just fine.



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