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Cats And Tigers Are More Related Than You Think image
Lions and Tigers and...cats oh my? Most people know that the domestic house cat shares a common ancestor with the jungle cats of the wild, but how much do they have in common? This video lays out a lot of the similarities and shows you some differences.
Mick Joest 2014-05-19
OMG Cat Hugs image
In this adorable video, a man gets a hug from his cat in the cutest way imaginable. Who doesnít enjoy a good hug from a furry critter? Communists, thatís who.
Mick Joest 2014-05-18
Watch A Cat Protect A Toddler Being Attacked By A Dog image
Even by cat-video standards, this one is impressive, though it's also disturbing. A little boy is playing in his driveway when a dog shows up and attacks him. The video shows the dog literally dragging the kid until a cat jumps into the frame, launches itself at the dog and knocks it backward. The cat then runs the dog off the property, while the child's mother comes to his aid.
Kelly West 2014-05-14
Picky Eaters Probably Wouldn't Survive Exctinction image
I have to say that I am an extremely picky eater. To all the food servers of the world, I'm sorry in advance for my crazy orders. Turns out that my terrible eating habits might have negative consequences if there is ever a food apocalypse. Scientists studied everyone's favorite four legged creatures to learn how diet is linked to survival.
Courtney Flannery 2014-04-24
This Cat Is Smarter Than Your Cat image
As a cat person, nothing warms my heart more than adorable cat videos on the internet, except for a good cuddle with a furry friend. A good chunk of the reason I begged my parents for high speed internet back in the early 2000s was specifically to watch videos of cats doing cute things. Okay maybe not really, but you can't deny that you've watched a few or hundred or so cat videos in your time onlin
Courtney Flannery 2014-04-05
The Only 11 Cat Videos You Actually Need To Watch image
What if there was one place, one source, one article that contained all the mega-awesomeness of internet cat videos into one central location? Well, welcome to Pop Blend's source of cat videos you actually need to watch.
William Usher 2014-04-02
Check Out This Woman's Strange Combination Of Animals image
Have you ever seen a group of people sitting together at a bar and wondered how in the hell such a strange and motley crew had ever come to a) know each other and b) become friends? Well, Erica Griffith knows that feeling well, though humorously, her motley crew isnít filled with human beings but instead animals. Over the years, sheís brought home five rescue dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds, as well as a cat and a duck, and together, they form one of the most bizarre groups youíre ever likely to see.
Mack Rawden 2013-06-21
Adorable Alert: Watch This Cat Check Herself Out In The Mirror image
Iím a dog person. Therefore, what I see is just another self-absorbed cat staring at herself in the mirror and selfishly ignoring the rest of the world like a fourteen-year-old girl. If she had her own camera, God only knows how many selfies this animal would take everyday.To a cat lover, however, this clip shows just how independent and quirky felines can be.
Mack Rawden 2013-04-25
Watch This Cat Ride Through Philly On A Biker's Shoulder image
I donít know if you know this, but the Internet is obsessed with cats. Was there ever any doubt as to which potential Monopoly piece would get voted into the game? No. Was there ever any doubt a recent video of a cat experiencing snow for the first time would generate more than four million hits? No. Thatís why no one should be surprised this clip of hipster Rudi Saldia speeding around town on a bike with his cat hanging out on his shoulder has proven very popular.
Mack Rawden 2013-04-05
Adorable Alert: Watch How Much This Cat Hates Taking A Bath image
When I was a little kid, my mom used to force our family dog to wear a sweater whenever it was cold outside, and she absolutely positively hated it. She would run and hide the second she saw that ugly blue monstrosity my mother sewed herself, but apparently, not all animals respond in the same way. Some try to protect themselves by making their owners feel terrible about what theyíre doing.
Mack Rawden 2013-03-07
Adorable Alert: Watch 5 Puppies Wrestle, Paw And Annoy This Cat image
Cats arenít typically known for humoring other animals, but thatís exactly what this one did for five puppies, at least briefly. Surrounded, jumped on, wrestled and repeatedly bumped, this cat put a smile on and made the best of the situation for about thirty seconds until it lost patience, let out a hiss and jumped to a place too high for the puppies to play.
Mack Rawden 2013-02-01
Ruthless Cats Kill Billions Of Birds And Mammals Annually image
Cats are not often the subject of surveys and reports, but maybe they should be. Those cute, cuddly, and seemingly docile creatures have a dirty secret, however, as a new report shows they are ruthless pouncers with the intent to kill. In fact, scientists have determined that felines are responsible for killing a median of 12.3 billion mammals a year, as well as 2.4 billion birds.
Jessica Rawden 2013-01-30
Watch A Cat's Patience Tested By A Bunch Of Adorable Chicks image
I'm a firm believer that cat videos are among the top reasons for the internet's greatness. YouTube has no shortage of them, but this cat video is a bit more subtle than a feline chasing a laser light or some other demonstration of cat's enthusiasm. In fact, the cat in question isn't really doing much, but its grumpy expression and tense posture as it's hassled by a bunch of chicks speaks highly of the kind of patience some cats demonstrate.
Kelly West 2013-01-07
Adorable Alert: Watch These 2 Kittens Escape From Their Enclosure image
Have you ever put an animal in an enclosed area, later spotted him out of said area and wondered how the hell the little guy managed to get out? YouTube user Throwingbull recently looked after a cat named Autumn and her two kittens Pumpkin and Squash. Convinced the two little ones might try to escape, he put up a wall, turned a camera on and went in the other room.
Mack Rawden 2012-12-29
Dutch Artist Turns His Dead Cat Into A Helicopter, Watch Orville Fly image
I worked at a veterinary hospital; so, I can tell you people do all sorts of strange things to memorialize their deceased pets. From shelling out thousands for urns to buying a similar looking animal and giving it the same name, grieving owners respond in a slew of different ways. Dutch artist Bart Jansen is a testament to that.
Mack Rawden 2012-06-04
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