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New Documentary Claims A Serial Killer Murdered Nicole Brown Simpson image
During the OJ Simpson trial, there was much debate among the general public as to whether the beloved football player actually killed his wife. Almost two decades later, the whispers have largely died down, but if a new documentary is to be believed, the Juice may not have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson.
Mack Rawden 2012-11-19
OJ Prosecutor Says Johnnie Cochran Tampered With The Gloves image
Seventeen years ago, O.J. Simpson strained to put on a pair of leather gloves in the most famous moment of the former football starís captivating trial. He yanked and visibly labored to stretch the accessories as far as possible, but they never made down to his wrists. His attorney, Johnnie Cochran, famously told the jury, ďIf it doesnít fit, you must acquit.Ē
Mack Rawden 2012-09-08
Joe Paterno Or OJ Simpson, Who Had The Bigger Fall From Grace? image
If we are to believe Simpson murdered two people, his act was vicious, cold and more than likely, impulsive. If we are to believe Joe Paterno willing let a child molester continue to victimize kids, his act was vicious, cold and completely calculated. What is truly worse: wrath or indifference? Thatís a question thatís impossible to answer, but perhaps what can be properly quantified, at least years from now, is which sin the public looked at more harshly.
Mack Rawden 2011-11-14
OJ Simpson Did Not Confess To Oprah Winfrey image
Earlier this afternoon, the internet was awash with reports that OJ Simpson confessed to murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. The jailhouse reveal was purported to have been given to Oprah Winfrey and featured an elaborate story about self-defense. Unfortunately, it's not true. In fact, it's not even an exaggeration of the truth. It's just an outright lie
Mack Rawden 2011-06-23
Simpson Claims Racism In Armed Robbery Conviction image
Incarcerated O.J. Simpson is appealing his conviction for armed robbery charges, accusing the jury which found him guilty of racism. The former
Celeb Stink 2009-05-26
Red Band Rant: I Support The Hulkster's Murderous Comments image
Warning! This editorial is a Red Band Rant and therefore contains extreme language and just about every awful thing you can think of. Itís not recommended for minors, or anyone really
Mack Rawden 2009-04-19
The Juice Is Loose On 15K image
Former NFL rushing champion and accused murderer OJ Simpson was released from a Las Vegas jail last night after a vengeful judge doubled his initial bail. The Naked Gun star was freed a few months back, but after leaving an obscenity-filled accusatory message for a co-defendant, whom he was ordered not to contact, Simpson was hauled back to Vegas
Mack Rawden 2008-01-17
Another Trial For OJ image
The onetime football hero OJ Simpson has been ordered to stand trial in what Las Vegas prosecutors say is the armed robbery attempt of his own memorabilia from a pair of collectors. The 60-year-old Simpson was ordered by Las Vegas Judge Joe Bonaventure to stand trial with two other men on 12 charges, including kidnapping and armed robbery. The September 13 botched robbery incident took place at the Palace Station and Casino
Tony Reid 2007-11-14
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