Alec Baldwin and new wife Hilaria Baldwin won’t find out the sex of their baby until a doctor’s appointment a few weeks from now, but that hasn’t stopped the newlyweds from brainstorming possible male and female names. Since the process began, they’ve apparently come up with an overabundance of possible handles, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’ve found much common ground.

Hilaria appeared on The Rachael Ray Show on Friday to talk of such matters, and during the chat, she even got into some specifics. Here’s a portion of her quote, as per People
“[He] had the idea for Massimo the other day. It’s a lovely name, I just don’t know. That’s a very big name for a very little baby.”

Personally, I think Massimo is an awesome name. There’s something upperclass and powerful about it in the same way as Hamilcar or Conrad. That being said, I see why Hilaria would take pause about it, and I would say the chances of that winding up as the little guy’s name, if in fact the baby is a little guy, are relatively low.

At one point in time, the couple was reportedly considering waiting to find out the sex until the actual delivery, but after talking with a friend who told her it’ll be a surprise whenever they find out, they realized they would rather know sooner rather than later.

Here’s to hoping whatever name they ultimately go with proves a wise decision.



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