American Beverage Association Sues Over NYC Big Soda Ban

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Earlier this year, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg decided to legislate with only fat people in mind and proposed a ban on all sugary drinks bigger than sixteen ounces. The measure was quickly approved by the Board of Health and not surprisingly, has drawn backlash from those involved in the beverage industry and both fat and skinny people who like to get hopped up on Mountain Dew.

The ban, scheduled to take effect in March, was expected to devolve into a court battle, and now, the first step toward that showdown has been taken. According to The New York Times, the lawsuit was officially submitted on Friday and cites the American Beverage Association, several business groups and a Teamsters local as the plaintiffs. Rather than arguing against the mayor making decisions on what residents can and canít drink, the suit takes the sneakier approach of alleging the Mayor and Board of Health donít have the power to make the decision without input from the legislature, which may or may not be filled with big soda enthusiasts.

Mayor Bloomberg has long cited the 6,000 New Yorkers who die of obesity every year as his main motivation for the large soda ban. It seems incredibly naÔve to think fat people wonít continue getting fat through other means. The Libertarian in me says this could well be the first step toward banning more and more products that could make people bigger. Hopefully, it wonít come to that.

Weíll keep you updated as the lawsuit snakes its way through the legal system. In the meantime, enjoy the movie theater freedom you're experiencing now. In March, you might have to leave midway through a film to get your extra sixteen ounces in.
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