American Idol: Was It Time For Jennifer Lopez To Leave?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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American Idol might not currently be on the air, but itís still been arguably the craziest news week in the history of the reality competition program. After days of rumors, Steven Tyler finally announced he was leaving the show yesterday. This morning, his co-star Jennifer Lopez did the same. With rumors of a possible Randy Jackson exodus abounding, itís entirely possible by the end of the weekend the most popular show on television with be left with no one save Ryan Seacrest to shoulder the load.

We dealt with the pros and cons of the Aerosmith frontman leaving yesterday; so, now letís focus our attention on Lopez. Tyler might have brought a certain level of expertise and clout to the program when he was brought on two years ago, but Lopez was reportedly the one producers were really after. With a big heart and plenty of music industry clout, she brought a needed perspective to the show and always seemed very emotionally invested in the success of the contestants. You could tell she cared, and that love and admiration really came through in her critiques.

Unfortunately, at times she was also a little too nice, and it took her awhile to truly open up and sound off unedited. After her first season, she waited for months to decide whether or not to return, and had she reupped for this season, Iím sure it would have only been for one year too. She always treated Idol like a temporary job.

Iím a bit sad to see Jennifer go, but now does feel like the right time. She put in two wonderful years. Better she leaves than stays and starts seeming annoyed at the schedule.

What do you think? Was it time for J Lo to leave, or would you have wanted to see her stay another year? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

Should Jennifer Have Stayed Longer?


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