Annie Lennox is a wife again. The Eurythmics singer walked down the aisle and exchanged vows with fiancé Dr. Mitch Besser over the weekend in front of one hundred and fifty or so friends and family members. The ceremony, which was reportedly lovely, took place in a beautiful boat on the Thames River and featured both an open bar and an assortment of food choices including sashimi and mini roast puddings.

According to The Daily Mail, Lennox and Besser met three years ago at a charity function. He’s the founder of mothers2mothers, an organization working to stop the mother-to-child spread of HIV in Africa. Lennox has long been an advocate for AIDS-related charities, and she did some fundraising for mothers2mothers. The two hit it off almost immediately, and they began dating shortly thereafter.

Lennox vowed after her first two marriages ended in divorce that she’d never tie the knot again, but apparently, she met someone who, even at fifty-seven, could change her point of view. Apparently, her daughters approved of the change of heart too. They served as their blushing mother’s bridesmaids, and by all accounts, everything about the rather understated wedding went over very well.

Lennox still has an incredible set of pipes, but she’s made it very clear over the past decade that her first love is helping people. With her new husband’s help, she should be able to enact even more fruitful change, and Pop Blend wishes the new couple nothing but the best in that attempt.



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