Longtime Playboy writer and bestselling author Lawrence Grobel has spent much of his life interviewing many of the most famous men and women in Hollywood. He’s written features and profiles on dozens of the biggest and brightest stars for leading magazines from all over the world. With a select few, his conversations proved too fascinating for a single article, and those chats were later expanded into extremely successful books. Now several of them are available on Kindle for the first time.

In the summer of 1978, Grobel spent ten days on Marlon Brandon’s private island, asking the actor about his relationships, his work, his self-imposed exile and the causes he cared about. Out of those fascinating conversations came the popular book Conversations With Brando, and similar processes, minus the private islands, occurred for the author’s other works on figures such as Al Pacino, Truman Capote and the Huston Family.

For decades, Grobel has been considered one of the more skilled and artful journalists in Hollywood. His ability to get normally guarded celebrities to open up and talk honestly and on the record has served both him and his readers very well. If you’re looking to learn more about any of the visionaries listed above or simply want a cursory look at other stars including Jack Nicholson, Tom Waits, Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro in his book Icons, you should strongly consider diving in. You won’t regret it, and thanks to Kindle, that process is now easier than ever.



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