A few months back, Tori Locklear decided to make a YouTube tutorial to show other girls how to curl their hair using a wand. The how-to was supposed to be simple and painless, designed for young women without a ton of experience. Unfortunately, poor Tori kept her hair on the wand a little too long, and she wound up burning the entire strand off.

She sat on the video for a few months but a couple days ago, she finally decided to share the hilarity with the world. Take a look at the hapless and hysterical footage below…

I love how slowly the realization of what happened hits her. She moves the wand away, notices there’s still hair attached to it, figures out it’s all of the hair, grabs at where the strand should have been on her head, puts on a shocked face and only then direct addresses the camera. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be if the clip was about five minutes longer and showed her calling one of her friends and explaining the madness that just happened.

I’m glad Tori was able to reach the point eventually in which she realized how funny this is, and I’m glad she shared her pain with the world. Life is too short not to laugh at yourself from time to time.



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