Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy’s marriage may not have lasted very long, but if current trends continue, their time in divorce court will be sizeable. Over the past few weeks, attorneys for the estranged spouses have filed petitions for the court outlining exactly what they would like to get from the other, and the answer for each is a hilariously unreasonable amount.

According to TMZ, both parties want primary custody, full payment of medical and dental expenses for their daughter and themselves paid by the other party and regular child support. Not surprisingly, they also both want the house they shared and the things inside it, as well.

I have no idea how any of this will turn out if they keep their claws out in actual divorce court, but I can guarantee two things. It will wind up being very expensive, and it will wind up being a complete waste of time. They both have money. Why not hash out a settlement that works for everyone and spend the next year of their life moving on and trying to find happiness rather than arguing over dental insurance and every mistake that was made in the past? It’s asinine.

Neither Frankel nor Hoppy has spoken publically about his or her demands. Given the sensitive nature of divorce settlements, it’s highly unlikely either will, but if they change their mind or a truce is reached, we will let you know the specifics.



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