Beyoncé has been crazy busy with advertising in recent weeks. The singer shot a pretty intricate Pepsi ad that features her dressed in numerous costumes as well as signed on to headline H&M’s summer campaign. Now, H&M has released more photos of the singer, offering sneak peaks at the company’s summer swimwear line. There are very few people who can rock a bikini as well as Beyoncé, and even a good number of models could not look quite as fierce as the “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” singer.

In an earlier press release, H&M talked about the 31-year-old rocking out some of the line’s summer dresses, as well as plenty of the line’s bikinis. Most notably, a tie dye bikini and a fringe bikini were mentioned, and both of those pieces show up in the images released by H&M. The advertising has to at-least be fairly effective, as I am currently coveting that fringe-covered bikini top. You can check out the rest of the available photos from the Nassau shoot in the gallery, below.

It’s hard to go from being a new mommy to jumping back into the pop music spotlight, but Beyoncé seems determined to maintain her relevancy as a sex symbol. Not only has she been pushing for prominence by advertising for other companies, but she’s also pushed new music in recent months and is set to perform live during this summer’s Made in America festival, which her hubby, Jay-Z, curates. She may have plenty of connections in the right places, but something tells me the singer is a hard enough worker to be able to make things happen on her own.




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