Bruce Jenner Allegedly Shaved Down His What? Gross.

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Iím a really open-minded person. If people want to let their freak flags fly and those freak flags arenít harming other people, Iím pretty much always in favor of them doing so. Life is way too short to force people to paint within the lines. That being said, now and again, I do come across something that grosses me the hell out. This is one of those examples.

Earlier this month, Bruce Jenner allegedly went to a doctor and underwent surgery to have his Adamís Apple shaved down. Seriously. Thatís what the National Enquirer is claiming, and The Daily Mail is running pictures of Jenner with a bandage around his throat. Does that mean this actually happened? No. But how would someone even go about making a rumor like this up?

The rumor began in mid-December when Jenner visited a doctor about a scar on his nose as a result of an earlier procedure to remove a basal cell carcinoma. While there, he supposedly consulted with a doctor about shaving down his larynx. When TMZ asked if it was the first step toward gender reassignment surgery, he told the outlet no, that heís just ďnever liked (his) tracheaĒ. Following the initial backlash, Jenner reportedly pulled out of the procedure, but if the other outlets are to be believed, he recently changed his mind and followed through.

There have long been whispers about Jenner allegedly being interested in looking more feminine, but obviously, he hasnít spoken on the record about any of this. His family has also repeatedly laughed off any such conversations, and considering theyíre collectively willing to talk about anything, that actually does matter. But who knows? At this point, we donít even know if this surgery actually happened.

Weíll let you know if the whispers ever get separated from the facts. Until then, hereís to hoping Bruce figures out a way to find happiness following his split.
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