Can Rex Ryan Tell His Players To Stop Doing Chores For Their Wives?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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There is no coach in the NFL who generates more headlines than Rex Ryan of the New York Jets. New Orleans Saints headman Sean Payton was once suspended for his role in a bounty scandal, and still, heís practically ignored compared to good old Rex. Proof of that has been generated via press conferences about sleeping eight hours a night, about questionable tattoos, about questionable vacations and now, weíve all gotten a good reminder thanks to the coach telling his players to ignore their wives.

According to The New York Daily News, Ryan told Jets players during a heated speech that he didnít want any of them doing anything with their wives over the next week. He doesnít want them taking out the trash, picking the kids up from practices or doing any household chores. Instead, he wants each to focus on being ready for the upcoming New England Patriots game.

Some players wondered whether the rule meant no sex. Others wondered if they could get a note from the coach to give to their wives in order to avoid running into problems with their significant others. On the one hand, itís easy to see where heís coming from. The Patriots game is not only incredibly important for his teamís chances of making the playoffs, itís incredibly important for his own job security. Everyone in the organization could really use a good season, and in order for that to happen, they need to focus.

On the other hand, however, thereís something ludicrous about a coach advising players not to do their household chores. Iím not sure any other boss in any profession would dare tell men not to take out the trash in their own homes. Itís not exactly like thatís the most physically taxing activity.

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