Carson Daly Pops The Question To Longtime Girlfriend Siri Pinter

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Carson Daly might have his hand in a lot of different television pots, but when it comes to his personal life, heís not exactly the most open celebrity. He typically only offers up barebones statements about major life events, though if the latest rumors are to be believed, he hasnít even done that for his recent engagement. Thatís right. Engagement.

According to US Magazine, Daly recently popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Siri Pinter, and she gave him a big fat yes. The two have been together for a grand total of six years and are parents to two lovely children, three-year-old Jack and thirteen-month-old Etta. Neither has commented publically on the supposed engagement, but considering she was spotted at Los Angeles International Aiport on Friday rocking a big honking ring on the wedding finger, it certainly seems like thereís something to the rumbles.

Itís funny how life can take you in very different directions based on one or two choices. Back in the early 2000s, Daly was hosting Total Request Live on MTV and engaged to Tara Reid. Instead of pushing forward on that path, however, he and Reid never made it down the aisle, and he switched from MTV to NBC, where he was given his own late night show Last Call With Carson Daly. More recently, that deal with NBC has led to a slot on Today, New Yearís Eve specials and of course, his hosting gig on The Voice. Now, he has a beautiful family, a very stable life and a smooth transition to being famous outside the very narrow teenage audience he once catered to.

Without any word from either Carson or Siri, we likely wonít get too many specifics about the impending wedding in the near future. Hopefully, they get a little more open eventually, though, and at least let fans know where theyíll be tying the knot at and how excited they are. Regardless, Pop Blend wishes them nothing but the best moving forward.
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