Bubba Watson’s always been an eccentric guy on the golf course, but his latest idea might take the cake in terms of oddball behavior. The man partnered up with the Indiana Company Neotoric Hovercraft to produce a golf cart that uses pockets of air to move around on the green without destroying the grass. As the video shows, the cart can also capably move across water hazards and other areas.

The hovercraft contraption may seem out of this world, but it’s very real. Neotoric Hovercraft exists in Terre Haute, Indiana and the company website is filled with pictures of people getting up to some of the same activities Watson gets up to in his beloved golf cart. It seems like Watson may have spent a good chunk of the money he won at the 2012 Masters on the toy, but the listed prices for contraptions similar to Watson’s that seat four run in the $20,000 range. Of course, Watson’s model is custom made with all of the trappings of a golf cart, so that probably makes a difference with the price.

Watson notes in the video that he’s been teased about using the hovercraft, but as far as toys go, this one is sweet, convenient, and practical for a person that spends long days on the green. While the video was created by Oakley as an advertising campaign and may not mark a change in the way golf carts are used across the globe, it’s definitely good to know technology like this exists and can be used in various capacities, although I wouldn’t say this technology is as applicable as, say, stretchable batteries.



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