More details are starting to emerge from the Chris Brown/ Frank Ocean brawl at West Hollywood’s famed Westlake Recording Studios, and if true, they paint the picture of a disagreement that quickly spiraled into a dangerous melee. Apparently, Ocean overtly disrespected Brown, Brown responded in a very physical manner and the ensuing brawl wound up breaking a ton of nice things.

According to an allegedly unbiased witness who spoke to TMZ, Ocean parked in the spot at the studio normally reserved for the most successful artist. Brown reportedly felt slighted by the gesture but decided to shake Frank’s hand and forget about it. Ocean, however, apparently laughed in his face and refused the hand, and Chris responded with a punch that sparked a brawl that eventually spilled over into the studio, broke a whole bunch of things and prompted the receptionist to call 911.

If we are to take this story at face value even though we don’t have any concrete proof of its veracity, it lays out a pretty complicated picture. Clearly, taking a swing at someone who hasn’t even threatened physical harm is very poor form, but on the other hand, laughing at someone just trying to shake hands and make peace isn’t really a kind-hearted way to behave either. In fact, it’s kind of an asshole move.

What do you think? If this is what happened, who is more at fault? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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