Donít Park In A Handicap Spot: Watch Roman Atwood Fake Pee On This Dudeís Ferrari

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Most of us like to park as close to the door as possible when going places. Not only do we like to get errands done quickly, we like expend the least amount of energy possible doing them. Parking close to the door accomplishes both of those goals. That being said, docking our cars inside a handicapped spot simply isnít an option. Itís a douchebag move to the highest degree, and itís illegal. Unfortunately, some people still do it, as Roman Atwood recently found out.

The popular YouTube prankster was out and about recently when he noticed some asshole in a Ferrari pull in and park in a handicapped spot, despite the fact that numerous non-handicap spots were readily available. After checking the car for any kind of stickers and finding none, the comedian decided to teach the guy a lesson by tricking him into thinking heíd just taken a piss all over his car. Not surprisingly, the dude did not handle the situation very well emotionally, freaking out and shouting all kinds of hilariously stupid, nonsensical over-privileged douchebag things like Iíll buy your family.

Iím not sure exactly where this will go down among Atwoodís all-time greatest pranks, but this one will certainly be near the top.
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