Farrah Abraham Defends Tweezing 3-Year-Old's Unibrow

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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Itís been less than a week since Teen Momís Farrah Abraham blogged about trying to wax her daughterís eyebrows, instead eventually tweezing them after an early flub with the hot wax. This would probably have been a touching coming-of-age story if Abrahamís daughter, Sophia, was at any sort of reasonable age. However, Sophia is 3 years old, and Abrahamís narrative earned a ton of criticism from blogs and other news sources, instead.

The former reality star is defending the removal of her daughterís hair and even sat down with ABC News to talk about the decision to remove what she calls a ďunibrow.Ē The young mother even took to Twitter to defend her decision.
ď#Unibrow's are not sacred! Do the right thing #tweeze no matter what age :)Ē

The 20-year-old later recanted a little when speaking with ABC News, stating that tweezing might have been an extreme measure, but also noting Sophia had been getting called out and criticized for her unibrow and she wanted to help her with the issue. Her new Twitter attitude?
ďSophia's beautiful with unibrow or without! Point is take care of your child's hygiene :)Ē

Iím still not certain if itís more awful that she thought tweezing her young childís eyebrows was a good idea or that sheís still defending her behavior. However, I guess the damage has already been done and itís too late to take the decision back. Hereís hoping she doesnít get too excited with the tweezers when that hair grows back, although I wouldnít hold my breath.
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