Farrah Abraham's Mom Reaches Out To Heal Family After Fight Over Sex Tape

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Farrah Abrahamís Twitter account has been a mess of retweets from people excited about her upcoming porno, but amidst all the clutter, one more serious moment slipped under most peopleís noses. The starlet and her mother have apparently made up and are trying to heal as a family. At least thatís what the above letter Farrah tweeted seems to indicate.

Until earlier this month, Farrah and her mother, Debra Danielson, actually lived together. Unfortunately, the former Teen Mom star didnít tell her mother about shooting a porno, causing poor Debra to publically defend her daughter and wind up with egg on her face. After God only knows how many fights about that, Farrah decided to pack up her daughter and get her own place. At the time, she made some wild statement about never speaking to her mother again, but nothing heals wounds like someone reaching out with a sympathetic hand.

Like everything else Farrah does, this letter has generated plenty of controversy. Some observers have no idea why the hell Debra reached out this quickly when her daughter was the primary one at fault. Still others think itís a motherís job to love unconditionally and since the porno has already been shot, they might as well heal as a family. Then again, pretty much everyone watching is a little weirded out (but not necessarily surprised) that Farrah would just so casually tweet evidence of a serious emotional moment with her mother.

Hereís to hoping these women are able to get on the same page and stay there.
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