Glenn Beck's 1791 Brand Celebrates America Is Crazy New Commercial

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Glenn Beckís fashion line, 1791, has begun manufacturing jeans. To get the message out, the brand commissioned a commercial to be shot, and itís just as recklessly over the top patriotic as you might expect. Featuring a rugged man literally building a rocket with his bare hands, it champions American values, throws up the middle finger at foreign manufacturing, and of course, tries to sell pretty damn expensive jeans.

You can take a look at the promotional clip belowÖ

Beck is clearly going for the hardworking, blue collar demographic with this ad, but with prices just shy of $130, his target audience is probably upper middle class right wingers nostalgic about Americaís industrial past more than those still working in factories. Considering how well the line has reportedly done thus far, however, this business model might actually work. Weíll just have to see whether the line expands further in another six months or a year.

Beck has never pretended to be obsessed with fashion, but given this is a combination opportunity to make money, way to employ people and excuse to champion America, making jeans is completely within his wheelhouse. Hereís to hoping the products actually prove to be worth their price tags and live up to whatever ideal Beck has of American made quality.
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