Update 2:47 EST: Ha! You thought it would be that easy? Technically, Gmail is working. Most people are now able to look at their accounts and see their emails, but the ability to send emails is sporadic, at best. Hangouts are also very sketchy, and Google + is a complete failure right now. Don't even think about signing into your account.

Update 2:41 EST: Everything seems to be working again. Fingers crossed.

Update 2:29 EST: Google is broken! WTF is going on? It's being really slow for most people, and for others, it's not letting them in at all. I think I speak for everyone in the working world right now when I say either break or don't break. Pick a lane, GMail.

Update 2:25 EST: We still haven't been given a reason for why GMail stopped working for roughly twenty-five minutes, but for the time being, the mail service is behaving like nothing weird and shady happened at all. Sorry. That means we all need to head back to work and stop running around in the street like school children on a snow day. The world can continue. We can all get back to talking about movies. Don't even think about GChatting though. That shit is still on the fritz.

Original Story:Gmail is down right now. This is not a drill. Gmail is down, and it has been since approximately 2:00 PM EST. You are not the only one.

You know how Google never breaks? How it’s the shining technological light at the end of the tunnel that never, ever lets us down and always functions properly? Well, apparently even the best have their bad days. The mail service is currently down, and everyone on Twitter is collectively freaking out but also secretly wondering whether this means the weekend is going to start early.

As this just happened in the last ten minutes, there are currently no details as to why the service is down, but when Gmail gets fixed or the company releases a statement explaining what the fuck happened, we’ll be sure to bring you the update. Until then, there’s no point in working; so, figure out something fun to do.

Like listen to Loverboy…



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