This Guy Makes Watermelon Cutting Look Soooo Simple!

By Mick Joest 2 years ago
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You ever try to cut a watermelon? Itís a messy business if you donít know what youíre doing. This guy clearly knows what heís doing as heís cutting melon like itís his livelihood. Judging from the size of that kitchen, I donít think his livelihood rests on watermelon cutting. If I havenít driven the point home about this guy's cutting skills, Iíll say it once more, this dude rocks at cutting watermelon.

Cutting watermelon is so much more difficult than this video leads on. They sell pre sliced watermelon if thatís any indication about the feat he accomplished. The outside is super hard but malleable in the worst knife cutting way possible. Wrist strength, a steady hand, and a sharp knife are a must when it comes to cutting the watermelon. There are other less orthodox methods as well...but I wouldnít suggest them.

In case you are wanting to try this ďmethodĒ of cutting watermelon, youíre going to need about 500 rubber bands to make it happen. According to many ďexpertsĒ on the web itís going to take about twenty minutes to get all those bands on. It goes without saying this might not be the most effective of methods if you have a chicken in the oven and guests are arriving any minute. The clean up time alone will be devastating as you pick up delicious fruit out of every nook and cranny too.

In a perfect world, everyone could just throw down hammers like Gallagher on watermelons and it would fall apart into fantastic bite sized pieces. In an equally perfect world, we would have Japanese square watermelons in excess and we wouldnít have to worry about such things. Those guys look so easy to cook, but theyíre also uber expensive due to their rarity. So if youíre going to cut a watermelon, I believe I gave you all the basic ways to do so without having to burden yourself with a knife. So donít bother using that old fashioned caveman technology, whip out the rubber bands, and have a blast and a half.
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