Stories of Seal and Heidi Klum’s ill-fated marriage raced around the Internet today, but the reports of divorce may actually be a bit premature. Now the word is the couple may actually still be together but in the midst of a rough patch that could end in court. There’s a big difference between working through problems and giving up, and if the new rumors are to be believed, the couple may still be on the better side of that dividing line.

This new wrinkle comes courtesy of US Weekly. The outlet spoke with a close friend of the couple’s who alleges Seal actually flew home from the UK yesterday to be with Heidi. The mystery person admits there has been a lot of fighting lately, especially on a recent trip to Aspen, but supposedly, the down moments have been at least somewhat counterbalanced by a lot of make-ups.

This news should come as a sigh of relief to those devastated by the divorce news, but even if a split isn’t imminent, it’s still clear there are some issues for both parties to work out. He’s scheduled to head to Australia soon where he’ll serve as a vocal coach on The Voice. That absence, coupled with her busy schedule, could actually make things more difficult to work out. Or the time apart could prove the old adage about absence making the heart fonder. We shall see.

Until then, our thoughts go out to Seal, Heidi Klum and most of all, the couple’s four children as they figure out where to go from here.



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