For as long as I can remember, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been solidly in that gracefully aged period where she has seemed neither young nor old. However, today that perception has changed somewhat, as the Secretary of State has been hospitalized after a blood clot has gotten the better of her.

Clinton was visiting the doctor on Sunday as a precautionary follow-up to a concussion the 65-year-old politician suffered from earlier this month. That injury occurred after Clinton, suffering from dehydration due to the stomach flu, passed out and hit her head. Currently, it is unknown whether the blood clot is related to Clinton’s sickness earlier this month, but CNN is reporting the Secretary of State has been given anti-coagulants and will be monitored in the hospital for the next 48 hours.

Unfortunately, this means the Secretary of State will not be returning to her duties this week, as had been planned. She’s actually been out of commission for the last several weeks after the concussion, so wrapping up her duties has not gone as smoothly as one would hope, although she has been working from home. Hopefully, this is simply a bump in the road for Clinton and doesn’t speak to more serious health problems down the road. Whether or not you like her politics, she’s a stand-up, likeable woman, and she deserves years and years of life before having to deal with any sort of health issues. Our hearts go out to the lovely lady in her time of recuperation.



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