NBA center Jason Collins has been the toast of the town for the past few days since he came out in a touching letter to Sports Illustrated. In the history of the four professional sports in the United States, no current male player has ever been open about his sexuality. That will change with Collins this season, at least provided he gets picked up.

The former Stanford All-American is currently a free agent. During his twelve-plus seasons, he’s played a crucial role on a lot of teams. During the past few years, however, he’s turned into more of an end of the bench type guy, playing if the starting center gets into foul trouble or if the game is a blow-out. By all accounts, Collins is in incredible shape. He’s a team first guy, and he’s been very open about his desire to play more. In theory, he should definitely get picked up by someone, but unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of teams that want a guy sitting on the end of the bench to be a major media distraction.

On the whole, the majority of athletes have expressed overwhelming support for Collins. Most of them want him to get a chance to play next year, but it’ll be up to one of the thirty organizations to make that happen.

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Will Jason Collins Play In The NBA Again?

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