Jerry Sandusky Accusers Have To Testify Using Real Names

By Mack Rawden 2012-06-04 10:28:40
As the state of Pennsylvania braces for one of the highest profile trials in its history, the court has ruled on many of the specifics that will govern the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse proceedings. This morning, Judge John Cleland announced all the accusers will be forced to testify using their real names. Attorneys for several of the men had previously argued aliases should be allowed so the stigma doesnít follow the victims for the rest of their lives. That total privacy will not happen, but Judge Cleland did say personal information and specific details would be hidden by the court whenever possible.

The decision comes as a blow to the prosecution, but itís not altogether a shock or a game changer. Several attorneys for the accusers released statements saying their clients would still testify regardless, and given the mountain of evidence, Sandusky will still face an uphill battle. The former Penn State defensive coordinator stands accused of molesting and inappropriately touching at least 10 adolescents. Many of his crimes supposedly occurred on the grounds of the college or during football functions. The scandal ultimately led to the termination of long-time coach Joe Paterno for not doing more when he was informed.

His firing may have polarized certain segments of Pennsylvania, but very few people are divided on Jerry Sandusky. His guilt or innocence will ultimately be proven in court, but his indictment was enough to convince an overwhelming majority of observers that something horrible happened for decades.

According to ESPN, Judge Cleland also ruled reporters will not be allowed to tweet updates while the court is in session. Cameras and broadcasting equipment will also be banned, leaving onlookers to get updates during breaks and at the end of each evening.

We'll keep you informed once the trial begins.
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