Earlier this month, news broke that the cast of Jersey Shore had laid off drinking during their first night out of the new season, likely as a symbol of solidarity for Snooki who is pregnant and the Situation who recently went to rehab for prescription drugs. I thought the move was a really nice gesture, but I wasn’t sure the housemates could continue bringing in ratings if they weren’t up to their usual shenanigans. It turns out there was no cause for concern whatsoever.

According to US Weekly, the roommates were involved in a pretty serious brawl on Friday night. Some random dudes were supposedly saying inappropriate things to the female castmembers. An argument apparently began between JWoww’s boyfriend, Rodger, and the randoms and then all hell broke loose. Pauly D reportedly knocked someone down with a right hand and Ronnie and The Situation supposedly jumped in with fists firing. JWoww wound up with an injured ankle but no doubt team unity was at a near record high.

The other girls and Vinnie reportedly watched the mess without getting their hands dirty, but for anyone who watches Jersey Shore regularly, that shouldn’t come as a shock. It’s just too bad Snooki wasn’t on hand and not pregnant. She’s never been one to shy away from altercations.

It’s unclear whether anything more serious will come of the brawl, but if no one on either side was more injured than JWoww and her bum ankle, I’d imagine it’ll all be written off as just another night on the Shore.



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