In one of the stranger Jersey Shore-related arrests we’ve seen, Deena Cortese was booked last month for disorderly conduct after officers observed her dancing in the middle of traffic. In addition to pissing off drivers and endangering herself, the reality star’s actions also worried her parents who immediately headed down to the Shore to bail her out. Luckily, after the dust settled in court today, the fallout didn’t wind up being nearly as severe as it could have been.

According to E! News, the prosecution dropped the charges against Deena and instead hit her with a traffic summons ticket for not using the sidewalk and just shy of one hundred and forty dollars in fines and court costs. Given her salary, that’s definitely not more than she can handle, and more importantly, her stupid incident won’t follow her around for years because seeing as how it’s now a traffic violation, it won’t go on her record.

Deena might be a bit of a mess, but she’s hardly a threat to public safety. Provided she doesn’t get behind the wheel after boozing and sticks to the sidewalks from now on, it’s hard to imagine she’ll wind up in jail again anytime soon. If she does however, it’s entirely possible her parents and friends might let her soak up the atmosphere as a further preventative measure.

There’s no word yet on whether we might see any of this footage during the next season of Jersey Shore, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that cameras were around.



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