Seven years after daughter Jessica filed for divorce from Nick Lachey and a year and a half after daughter Ashlee and husband Pete Wentz went their separate ways, parents Joe and Tina Simpson have begun the process of ending their own marriage. For many years, the soon to be ex-spouses led relatively quiet lives in Texas. He was a youth pastor, and she was a homemaker. Everything changed, however, after Jessica landed a recording contract. He became her manager, and the couple started splitting their time to look after numerous business interests.

According to TMZ, Tina filed the paperwork back in September. Papa Joe has already responded via his own attorney, and he’s reportedly planning to fight for every dime. Had he been willing to fight that hard for his marriage, he might not be losing any money, but that’s another story for another day.

As for the motivation behind the split, the family has released a statement saying there are no third parties and everything is amicable, but a few days back, The National Enquirer ran a story accusing Joe of coming out of the closet to his family in an emotional sitdown a few months back. Obviously, one needs to consider the source when deciding whether or not to believe that claim. A few months back, more reputable sources reportedly Papa Joe was arrested for driving under the influence, which could have played a part in Tina's decision too.

Regardless of whether there’s gayness, drunkenness, greediness or anything else involved, Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to the entire Simpson family as they deal with this dramatic life upheaval. Here’s to hoping they’re all able to find their own versions of peace.



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