John Cena's Wife Thinks Her Husband Was Cheating

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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No wrestler over the last decade or so has been more hated than John Cena. Despite being the face of the company and an incredibly popular draw, heís never been able to win over the elitists or the old timers who find his lack of in-ring moves and repetitive promos infuriating. As a result, his appearances are often met with a mix of raucous cheers from some and taunts and boos from others. Unfortunately for Cena, it now seems that cold reception is extending to his personal life too.

The wrestler filed for divorce from his highschool sweetheart and wife of three years, Liz, last month, and now sheís reportedly tracking down leads she thinks will verify he was cheating on her. According to TMZ, if successful, she could potentially break the prenup the two signed prior to the marriage and land a good chunk of the starís money. Her attorney Raymond Rafool told the outlet heís received several calls about women Cena may have cheated on Liz with both before and after the separation and is currently running those down.

Itís always sad when two people get divorced, but thereís something even more disappointing about it when the two have been together practically their entire lives. Hereís to hoping everyone involved here is able to work out their differences and move on without too much animosity.
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